Where is Pura Vida

When Our Iridium Go is on and we are underway, our position is updated hourly at the following link:



We've noticed that sometimes the Iridium gives an incorrect reading.  If it looks "fishy", you can try this link, which is from our AIS reporting.  But this will only work via the internet when we are located near a land VHF repeater site.




  1. Does your boat have wheels? It looks like it went for a hike on Santa Catalina.

  2. Sometimes we get a wacky waypoint. But, no, we didn't go aground.

  3. Catch any turkyfish yet?
    Looking forward to seeing you guys at Xmas. We got an airbnb about a mile away from Kim for the 23rd to 25th.
    I see you are approaching Magdelana Bay, I think that is where we did our whale watching.