Monday, February 4, 2019

Mangroves of Tenecatita

The morning net revealed high tide was in the mornings.. so one evening, Greg declares, I think tomorrow we should explore the mangroves...  Yep - good idea and we're on it for the next morning.

Into the dinghy goes the waterproof bag with a couple of shopping bags (high hopes), money, bug screen and the waterproof camera.  On our feet are our keen water shoes.  Why are we all prepped for water (ie: not so graceful) dinghy landings?  Isn't this supposed to be a dinghy trip through calm mangroves?

yep - but there's a bar crossing.  This being our first time and we haven't seen others head in yet - we were at the ready to discover the "channel" that would result in the best chance of us not getting wet and our buzzy's (dinghy engine) prop not getting dinged.

Fortunately, the water is clearish - not glass of water clear, but see the rocks a couple of seconds before you hit clear.

We made it through with little drama picking our way through the rocks on our approach while not getting too distracted to retreat from the wave sets behind us and breaking to the side. Trust, forward, go for it!

The next hour or so was spent meandering through mangroves the width of our dinghy,  spotting wildlife and beautiful sculpture-like tree roots.

Palapas awaited us at the end of the windy water path. The people there are still rebuilding the businesses in that beach area, so restaurants are few.  In past years a super rich guy took the liberties to close the road (watery and car worthy) and guard them with folks with weapons.  It took a few years, but the Mexican courts did intervene and open the beach back up to everyone.  

Sadly the tienda didn't open - so we are starting to be in need of tomatoes (fun irony for Greg, who hates raw slices of tomatoes, but needs to have them in his ceviche and pico del gallo).

After a quick walk down the beach we made our way back to the dinghy and the mangroves - and the bar crossing again......

This time, as we were flowing out with the current, we kept putting into reverse to wait for a small wave set....  we thought we had timed a good one, but late in the game we saw the swell quickly rise to an "oh shit" moment.... The only thing we could do was gun little buzzy.....  And she powered us over the top of the wave just milliseconds before it broke under/behind us.

Whew...  drama.....  We planed home and had a nice Asian pasta salad aboard Pura Vida.....  

Maybe a swim this afternoon.....decisions, decisions - life in Tenecatita.......

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