Monday, December 10, 2018

Magdelana Bay

Magdelana Bay is a sweet little surprise.  We had watched some of our favorite You Tubers talk about the mangroves and that really lit a fire with us to add it to our list to check it out. 

** If you are enjoying the cruising tales, we highly recommend Adventure Adrift:
Check them out.

We had already met them previously in Berkeley, so they knew we were headed that way, so while in Man of War Cove we sent them a facebook message that we had made it and were heading into the mangroves the next day.  To our surprise, they offered to send their tracks to us and their anchor spots.  Since the mangroves are basically uncharted (you can see the mangroves on a chart, but no depths and identifying marks as to where the deep spots are) - this was much appreciated.  Their tracks overlayed onto a google earth image gave us confidence as we motored off of our charts.

The next few days was a "Chronicles of Narnia" experience.  

The beautiful powder soft sand against the flat water along with the green mangroves with the only sound being from the ringing in your own ear.  Stunning doesn't come close.  Magical and otherworldly is closer to the feeling.

To our surprise dolphins were also in the mangroves and regularly swam and fed along the shore as the tide went out.  

We got the boat toys out to play - though only at slack tide

It was beautiful to just watch the tide go down - the scene changed dramatically as the waters ebbed out and flooded back in.

Fun Videos:
Greg playing on the sand dunes:

End of the line of the mangroves:

Stillness and Quiet of the Mangroves:

Planing in Buzzy back to Pura Vida:

After a few days, we headed in to check out Puerto San Carlos.  For adventurous folks, we highly recommend it.  It was a stark change to any other town we've been in because no one spoke English.  We needed to really buckle down and prepare for our conversations.  We did find one person who spoke English who remembered our You Tube friends fondly - so we were able to pass on their good wishes.

We anchored just north of the town and landed the dinghy on the beach just behind the makeshift breakwater (notice the overturned hull of a ship strategically placed).

And when we got to shore and spoke to the dockworkers, we mentioned we had been out exploring the mangroves.  We were met with the response, " oh yes, I heard you were out there".  This little area gets so few sailboats, when we visit - we are literally the talk of the town. It was a fun experience that everyone seemed to be aware of us and where we were.  Also, Fishermen out with their kids would follow along with us as we motored back to San Carlos.  Fishing boats would also snap photos of us as we were anchored.

We stocked up with veggies and decided to ride the flood out one afternoon and keep going to La Crux de Huanacaxtle about 3 and a half sailing days away


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