Saturday, November 3, 2018

PV Tales: What's that noise

Last night, we were swinging at anchor.  We were down below, fixing dinner - or maybe ice cream :-)  it was dark.

We hear a huge racket outside.....Not huge alarming, but huge, what in the world is that?

San Diego isn't the quietest place, as we are snuggled beside the airport next to a coast guard base, across from a Navy base.  Both the Coastguard and Navy love their helicopters......  It's almost constant - sounds like there is some secret mission about training large hornets.  At least I can assure you, they are excellent at hovering if practice means anything.

Back to the story - a racket outside, Greg guests something with the Navy while I poke my head out....

Would you believe, just outside the cruiser anchorage is a container ship dropping anchor.  Still moving forward, releases his pile of anchor and chain, then I guess sets it as the anchor stops him and his stern swings around.

The things you see at sea :-)

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