Saturday, November 10, 2018

PV Tales: Spam? Glad i took that call

The other morning, I was getting paperwork together for the marina in Ensenada for when we check in to Mexico and the phone rings with a number I don't recognize.

Usually, my behavior for this is .... voicemail you go.....  Thankfully I answered (it was Greg's phone by the way).

A man identifies himself as Sgt Peabody (made it up) with the coast guard and he was looking for Greg.....  After I said, he was right here, then start to hand the phone over, he informs us that our EPRIB went off......

HUH?!?!......  I'm sitting right next to it mounted on the wall.....  immediately I worry I accidentally triggered something (thank you Catholic upbringing guilt).

As Greg talks to him, I collect our little location devices that are in our lifejackets in case they malfunctioned.

After some MMSI checking and some location checking (after a second coast guard station called us), we finally figured out this was our old EPIRB that we "disposed" of a few months ago.

Thanks to the Berkeley marina dumpster recycling program, our old EPIRB was now being played with by some no gooders back in Berkeley.

We apologized for just tossing the old dated unit and not deauthorizing it......

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  1. Glad you got that figured out before any damage or penalties were incurred.