Saturday, November 24, 2018

Apology to Casper

First off, Casper is our wind Generator.  He recharges our batteries when the wind blows.

Readers of our blog might remember a story in which I mentioned a number of installation troubles we were having with Casper.  They got sorted out eventually after a couple replacement parts and controllers (one experience on the way from the Channel Islands to the mainland which resulted in a panic search for where the smoke was coming from).  Ok, with this history, I guess I expected payoff..... as in a decent contribution to our battery bank.  So far it seems that Casper had been loafing around and spinning, but not really contributing. 

So when folks would ask me about him, I would speak my mind which wasn't too favorable toward Casper being a valuable member of the Pura Vida Crew. 

This has now changed.  Some sort of weather system has been blowing through over the past week and the wind has been honking (as Don on Summer Wind used to say).  It's also been cloudy.  But Casper...  He's kept our batteries topped up Day and night.  Literally, we wake to topped off batteries as if we were plugged in.  It's glorious.

You see, power is REALLY REALLY important out here.  Being away from dockside shorepower, it's that power in the batteries that keep all the things we're used to going: autopilot, chart plotter, sat phone, cell phones, laptops, Kindles, cameras, headsets, air compressor, and when we are feeling really lazy, the microwave.  I'm sure everyone has their list of power hogs aboard.  We try to ditch them, but they keep worming their way into our lives as necessities - or really desirables.

So, Casper, I'm sorry - I will update personally those who I have spoken ill of you to - you are a valuable Team Pura Vida member.


  1. Have you tamed Caspers vibrations? Or you overlooking that as long as Casper keeps the batteries filled. ;-)

  2. We still hear his signature moan down below.we can deal with it when we know that means juice going into the bank.