Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Why organize?

So, I'm not a spreadsheet of my things kinda person.  I take an approach of keeping things organized by type and generally knowing where that stuff lives in my environment.  But I read that a lot of cruisers live by their lists and writing things down that they have/what they use and therefore what they need to replace.  Everyone knows that space for storage on boats is premium.  Not wasting it makes complete sense.  Retraining my brain/habits... another story.

Anyway, Greg convinced me to tackle organizing our storage of bits and bobs.  So I went at it. Look what I found in our cleaning bin (see picture above).   Those are all the same type of swifter duster pads......  I even have 4 handles for 3 of my best friends to come over and we can all dust together.  I think maybe I've used one once or twice.

This is why you organize, I don't need 20-30 specialized dusting thingys...... so even though boat space is premium - they are crammed into a ziplock and I dream of the added space when I actually use all these good ideas...Not really, I don't think much about it.

And by the way, Greg and I made a compromise, we don't have an organizing spreadsheet, but we have bins with "subject bins" and the bins have a list of what's in them.  Now we need to just keep those lists updated - that's the hard part for us.

I do have to admit, I'm loving my pantry bin.  I have a light over it and I think of it as the "grocery store"  And a list with a pen nearby for updates.  I really hate shopping, so having a grocery of my favorite items makes me content.

When we do need to add to our stores, we have a whiteboard which becomes our shopping list.  That's how we do it aboard Pura Vida......

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