Saturday, October 27, 2018

PV Tales: Thumbs up for nice peeps

I've been wanting to share this.   A couple of weeks ago while running errands, I walked past this building.  It's a custom woodworking shop, and that box you see was filled at the time with scrap wood.   Just a little detail and point of interest.

A day or two later, Greg mentioned to me that he needed a scrap piece of wood if I had any ideas - he needed to drill a few holes and wanted to use it as a backing while drilling on the dock.  Perfect, I said I knew a place that had scrap wood - so while he went to the Marine Exchange (yet again.... we literally go there every day to buy more plumbing parts as fittings as the watermaker gets installed).

Off I went to check out this little woodworking shop.  When I get there, the scrap box is empty.  As I chatted with a man from the neighborhood outside the shop waiting for the owner so he can have the board he was holding trimmed down, I explained my need.  He advised me to wait and tell the owner - he often has scrap wood around the shop as well.

As the owner finished up and turned to me - I mentioned the need for the scrap wood.  He explained he throws scrap wood in the box outside as he's working on his designs....but asked if plywood would suffice, then pulled out a beautiful piece to hand over to me.

A small thing - but a wonderful glimpse into a neighborhood shop and fixture. Love seeing the pieces of life that often get overlooked.

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