Friday, October 12, 2018

Fun and then boat projects

Highlight Photo: Waves of Newport Beach

Cruising isn't cruising without boat projects, right?  This photo is of Greg replacing our anchor/running light combo at the top of our mast while anchored in San Pedro.  Luckily it was still under warranty - so a quick switcharoo with the company and we were able to get it delivered while we were in LA.  

I thought before we left that it would take me months to get into the swing of things - not going to work (well full time at an office) and spending most of our time at anchor, and of course, watching our pennies. But I feel like I'm already there, mentally.

We spent about 5 days at Newport Beach in the Harbor anchorage.  It was so much better than I remembered.  I remembered a super crowded anchorage....  and although it was still crowded at times, I felt so much more comfortable there.

I know that's going to sound weird, especially when I mention they regularly had lessons in the anchorage with kids coming within inches of our boat - or when I mention the beer can races one evening with 3 starts and finishes just off our beam with the entire fleet tacking past our boat at times.

Of course, those who know me are certain it's this racing crew who calmed me and made me forget about the closeness.

I was rooting for them.... And no, I wasn't zoomed in at all to take this photo.  

Daily we would take jaunts around the Bay to explore - walking through neighborhoods and city streets on the way to run errands.

Greg decided to break out the sewing machine to replace our BBQ cover:

And what a great addition:



We also got out to explore the boardwalk and checked out a surfing competition.  I didn't even know this was a thing - but it was pretty cool to stumble upon.

We also meandered around Balboa Island and discovered this guy: 

When describing why he's doing it?  Hobbies gone out of control is his answer.   There are lots of other people with worse hobbies - so bring on the sand castle hobbyists - we need more of them.

After 5 days we were pretty ready to move on.  So with Thunder in the forecast for the afternoon, we left early in the day to hop on over to Dana Point.  I have no pictures except for this guy:

We hooked him up along the way - yep, that's a baby shark.  we got him off our hook, but it was a  carefully orchestrated maneuver to avoid all those teeth.

After 3 days in Dana Point - we did a long day to San Diego.  It was a pretty boring sail/motor - except for about 20 - 30 minutes of high activity.  Because we started so early, the wind was slow to build - but finally we were able to sail.  As we were approaching San Diego, off in the distance we (Greg) saw a Saildrone (  One of our friends works there, so we did know they were in the area potentially - and it's pretty obvious once you know what they look like.  So Greg altered course so we could snap a good photo to send to Mike.  As we are coming up to our closest point of approach, the fishing line goes off - of course.....  So I roll up the genoa, as I get our fish subduing equipment, and as I keep an eye on the saildrone.  It all works out - we get our photo of the drone, but forget a photo of the fish till it's filleting time.... 

So, now we are in San Diego doing the anchor/yacht club shuffle.  We've been at the La Playa Anchorage, Southwestern Yacht Club and at the Silver Gate Yacht Club.

We also got our cruiser anchorage permit because we'll have a few odd days to spend out there.  I'm kinda looking forward to the location since it's closer to sightseeing stuff.  

I mention Projects...  so thought you would like to know some of the bigger ones.....

Fuel transfer pump issue.....  we have 2 spare fuel tanks along with our main tank.....  our fuel transfer pump takes fuel from our spare tanks, runs it through a filter and puts it in our main tank.  Well - it's been leaking, so the good plan has a flaw.....  in comes lots of little parts to get it to work right.  This "job" has been bugging us since LA - so I'm going to skip ahead and let you know that the little darn connectors were so specialized, they now get to be a spare pump.  We purchased another pump and now we finally have a fuel transfer pump working. YAY Greg!

I mentioned the 2 spare fuel tanks....  One is under our bed and we've used it in the past, another is under one of the setees (Like a couch) and used to be a water tank, but was changed over to fuel by the last owner.  We didn't need all this fuel while being in SF Bay, so it remained empty the past 11 years.  But just before we left, Greg went to install an inspection port over the fuel pickup areas and when he got the hole cut, what does he see at the bottom of the tank - a pinhole with daylight peeking through.  NOT GOOD FOR A FUEL TANK.....   Arrrgggghhhhh......

So, while here, we stopped by the yard, who referred us to a tank guy..  who had a little window with space to make us a custom tank for a reasonable price.  OMG.....

Bye Bye tank......  

The next big project is the watermaker - which Greg is in the process of plumbing and getting all set up.

Oh, and how dare i forget:

Where could this be?  So many things are wrong for this picture to be in the US....  yep, we hopped over to Tijuana to kick off our health insurance.

Which led to a fun experience.....  See that salsa on the right (the red stuff) - that's the salsa for gringos, not very spicy and very sweet.....  So, I asked for salsa that was spicier in Spanish.....

This got us the salsa on the left, specially made and a great conversation with a Mexican guy sitting next to us having lunch.  I even got a mini Spanish lesson and a compliment on speaking in Spanish - a great reward. 

Next week will bring us to the Cruiser Anchorage, Glorietta anchorage and a few days at the police docks while Greg heads to the Bay Area to spend time with his mom and I entertain myself in San Diego.

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  1. What a fun post, Melissa. I love all your embedded photos. I'm glad you got that hole in your fuel tank fixed!