Saturday, October 27, 2018

Enjoying life at anchor

After 5 days of being at the public police docks while Greg went home to spend a few days with his mom so that Kim could get away for a little vacation, we have now been out at anchor for a few days.

I had fun socializing around the dock.  And my introverted self-got all filled up on interactions.  There is a great energy at he docks; most of the people there are heading to Mexico - and most with the HaHa.  So, lots of excited folks with similar goals and dreams.

There were a couple of other ladies solo at the docks, so one of them used the excuse to set up a ladies happy hour at the spa next door.  Great idea - I'm not one to turn down a margarita and some dinner out.

Oh, the spa next door is also the place where a friend of Greg's dad was staying when he came to visit a couple of weeks ago.  This friend, John and his wife Kathy were visiting San Diego, so we had them over for a super fun afternoon.  See, John is a big influence on our sailing dreams.  He and Greg's dad would take the kids to fish and camp in the Sea of Cortez.  This made a huge impression on Greg and drove his desire to get back exploring out there.  So, to be able to share our traveling with John and Kathy was super special to us.

We have been massively working on projects, our last one is a doozy, the watermaker.  We're close,   Monday we will drop off a motor to a shop to be rebuilt.

Happily, we left the dock on Thursday, then went to the fuel dock to load fuel into our new 55 gal fuel tank....  Nice, all went smoothly.

The beautiful view of the downtown skyline we get every evening.

A Downwind Marine lecture by Pat Rains on cruising Mexico.

Dinghy sailors swarming the police docks.

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