Tuesday, October 2, 2018


We've spent some good time in Catalina in the past, but while back here in So Cal, we wanted to visit again.  We thought what a great trip it would be if Greg's Dad Len joined us.  Especially since we hoped for it to be a fishing trip - all of us would enjoy that.

So, as previously mentioned we did an early detour to San Pedro, picked up Len and headed out.

About 20 minutes outside of the LA Harbor breakwater, the fishing line went off.  Who Hoo......  and we landed a nice Bonito again and had dinner for the 3 of us and a nice serving of Ceviche for a couple of days.

No pictures, but it was slightly bigger than the last one we caught and a better fighter as well.  Awesome.... About an hour before the islands we were able to turn the engine off and move right along.

We ended up getting a mooring that night and take a walk around Two Harbors.  Boy, have things changed in the past 11 years....  Two Harbors went and got herself all spiffed up with the pricetags to show it.  You can rent a Cabana to hang out on the beach for $200/day - and a beer will set you back about $9.50.  Most of the beach area where we remember seeing picnic tables covered with folks showing off their biggest lobster catches is now a private section with food and drink service. We are not big fans of these changes.

We pretty quickly made our way back to Pura Vida to enjoy the Civiche and night afloat.

Enjoying Kim's Oreo Beer with Len....

The next morning, we had wanted to head to Hen Rock, but the wind had a southerly component which would have made the anchorage a little uncomfortable, so my memories of the most fabulous anchorage on Catalina where you can fish from anchor catching a variety of fish will live on in my memory untarnished - YAY to Hen Rock!.

We instead headed to Emerald Cove and picked up another mooring.  This cove has special importance because Len's Brother was a member of the club who rents space in this cove - so family memories reside here.  And the place is pretty darn awesome.  That name Emerald Cove isn't for nothing - the water is beautiful.  At the entrance to the cove is a reef which you avoid when entering but head to once settled.   Bright gold Garibaldi cover this place along with other reef fish - a living aquarium, in which we enjoyed a nice long swim after giving Pura Vida a bottom cleaning.  This was my first time seeing Garibaldi so plentiful.  I loved swimming with them.

Greg and Len took a walk ashore while I stayed aboard doing Melissa stuff.  After another fantastic night, we woke to another day to meander the morning away and head back to San Pedro in the early afternoonish.


  1. Such a wonderful sharing, Melissa. I was "with the three of you" during the entire read! Sounds like a wonderful experience, and I enjoyed it too, if only on the written page.