Saturday, October 27, 2018

PV Tales: Boarded at 11pm.....

No, we aren't in Mexico yet......  We are in a posh yacht club marina in San Diego.  After enjoying the hot tub one evening, we gorged ourselves on You Tube Videos (the things cruisers do when they get wifi) - then went to bed.

When all of a sudden, around 11pm, we were woke by some weird noises outside our boat.....  then it sounded as if someone was knocking or banging on the deck.

Greg popped his head out the hatch just above our bed and there's a drunkish homelessy looking dude just about to open the companionway (our front door) and go below.

Greg yells, "HEY!!!!" which he promptly ignores...  then another "HEY! What are you doing?" from Greg.  Then dude turns around.  Luckily he's not threatening, he says "I mean no harm, I'm just drunk".  Greg says, "Get off the boat" because dude is making no move to leave our boat.

He then tries to continue talking when Greg says again louder, "Get OFF the Boat!"...... and dude gets off, then comes to the side of our boat and starts asking us questions.....  Greg just says, "Move along"...   And he grabs his backpack and walks off.

Weird...... and what a way to wake up.

We're still cranking out work on the projects.

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