Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Waiting for wind

Our first real day of our new life.  I woke, we both did a few hours of work - then boat projects.  Still doesn't feel real, but I remember from 11 years ago when we took off that it took about 2-3 months before I got used to the cruising life.

We had a great trip down.  We were waved off of the dock by Jackie, Kim,Lisa and Dean and in our rush and readiness to get going, we promptly forgot to give a last hug goodbye to Greg's Mom Jackie....  But for the record, we did hug them right when they arrived for our sendoff, about 15 minutes earlier.

San Francisco saw us off with a nice one tack close reach to about Alcatraz, then we motorsailed out the Gate in the Southerlyish lightish winds till just before the first channel marker where we made our BIG LEFT, rolled out the genoa and turned off the engine.

NICE...  not cold, but overcast.... and lumpy seas (that part wasn't so nice...)

After a few hours, the wind started lightning up, and the seas continued to be messy (from heavier winds further out).  So, we rolled in the genoa and motored the rest of the way to Half Moon Bay.

We anchored on our own with Lisa And Chuck rafted up.  With all the hub bub, we weren't up for dealing with multiple anchored boats.

SO the next couple of days we spent with good friends palling around Half Moon Bay, hiking, exploring and hanging out enjoying each other's company.

Yesterday, the rest of the BYC cruisers headed back to San Francisco and Kim our sister came down for a Goodbye recap.  We scored another Black Cod (sablefish) for dinner.  We had one the previous night with our friend Bunnie aboard - which if you haven't had one..... OMG highly recommend you do yourself a favor and google about this yummy fish.... melt-in-your-mouth-like-butter.....

We've been watching the weather and things are looking very light out there at the moment.  So - our plan now is to leave Thursday afternoon for a wee hour arrival Fri night/Sat morning at the Channel Islands.  Neither of us is interested in bobbing around in light wind, or spending money motoring in calm.


  1. Bon voyage dear pals! We will follow your adventures. This was a great first read!

  2. Great times now and great times to come this year. Reminds me a bit of when I sailed south to Cabo with John. We have a bunch of boxes waiting for you when you pull into LA harbor including a couple insurance letters.