Friday, September 21, 2018

Channel Islands

We stayed nicely hunkered down for 2 nights while the winds blew 30 - 35kts through the anchorage at Santa Rosa.  They would die down overnight only to start building in the afternoon.  We had a nice hike ashore, but after 2 days, we had had enough and decided to start heading to Santa Cruz Island.

After about 3 more days tooling around the island, we met some nice folks also heading down to Mexico who I'm sure we'll see more of down the way.  We checked in with Greg's dad who was interested in a Catalina trip with us and we arranged for 3 nights of reciprocal at the Pacific Mariners YC in Marina del Rey - so we decided to start making our way further south.

About 30 minutes after pulling out of yellow bluff anchorage, the high water alarm went off....Glad for the test that we can hear it clearly in the cockpit.  Also, glad we quickly saw a stream of water which led us to learn that a hose had popped off of our hot water heater and we pumped about half of our port freshwater tank into the bilge. But it was a few serious minutes on Pura Vida while we located the source.  Whew - YAY, for already heading into a dock to refill tanks.  And Greg (and I) was glad to learn when the high water alarm goes off, a focused calm comes over me, not an internal freakout.

After that bit of drama, the wind slowly filled into the best spinnaker ride we can remember.   Flatwater, broad reach, 15 kts - OMG, so good.  As we headed into Paradise Cove for a night at anchor for us to learn another valuable lesson.  If we think we might need the flopper stopper, we should put it up before going to bed.  Getting up around midnight to set it up while fighting seasickness is just not preferred.

By now we are at a Friday and we head to Marina Del Rey to squeeze into their guest dock.

We don't look out of place at all..... HAHA

The club was super friendly and welcoming, all volunteer run.  Reminded me of BYC in a lot of ways.

Marina del Rey - lives up to the reputation....There was a powerboat on the dock behind us who decided to have a party on Saturday.  There were maybe 4 guys and about 20 girls all in bikinis - and high volume dance music going.  I did think of that song "I'm on a Boat", in a contradictions sort of way as I was walking up the ramp with my dirty laundry while young girls were dancing down the ramp holding liters of vodka over their heads.

They ended up joining forces with another sailboat and did a lap around the marina and out the breakwater a bit.  Above is a photo we snapped of them coming back into the marina.  we were on another boat chore - dingying to West Marine.

Fortunately, the music didn't go on into the night and we were able to have a nice dinner and spend some time with Rick and Clewie....

I was so happy to hold this little girl again.  And also happy she didn't bark and me, was well adjusted to life with Rick, but still happy to see us and the boat. It was a fabulous reunion.  I'm looking forward to the next one.

So after the weekend of refilling our tanks, We headed to another night to visit the King Harbor Yacht club, then anchor at San Pedro and pick up Greg's dad.

Here's a photo as we left Pura Vida for her first night at anchor by herself while we slept at Len and Carol's.

Today we're finished up our second night at Catalina and heading back to LA today. 

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