Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Wrapping things up.

ok, 3 weeks to go till we are sailing under that Golden Gate for possibly the last time.  Hoping for clearer weather than the above photo from another trip on our previous boat, Pacifica.

I'm wrapping things up at work - they are letting me work part-time while cruising and then full time again next summer while we fatten up the cruising kitty.  SO, a few little details to sort out.

Just heard from the yard that Pura Vida is cleared to go with a shiny new timing belt and water pump, along with new bottom paint.  By the time this goes out, she will hopefully be back in her Berkeley slip waiting for some romping.  Poor girl hasn't had any fun sailing outings all year - but come September, that's all it'll be about - she'll be living her calling.

Also, as if our final projects weren't enough (though we are not by any means going to be finished our list when we leave), as I was in the City picking up Greg from work last Friday night, a Limo backed into me.... so add to our "must do" list is a trip to the car repair shop - which is where Evie is right now and I'm driving a rental.

Unfortunately, the limo driver who backed into me thinks just giving me his insurance info and telling me he is very sorry is enough.  He's refusing to speak to even his own insurance company.  SO, we might be on the hook for the deductible because being parked with the engine off while a limo backs into you isn't enough for it not to be my fault and responsibility.

Good Grief......

Can't change that we leave in 3 weeks!!!!!!

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