Wednesday, August 15, 2018

2 weeks and counting

This is why we chose a hard top bimini.  Greg giving the solar panels a good washing and enjoying standing atop the Bimini.

Already we can tell we are really going to love the bimini.  Having that hard roof above in addition to the super solid feel of the rails around the cockpit, really adds to Pura Vida.

We've been plugging away at projects and will hopefully be finished our must do before the end of August. 

we did get a chancea few weekends ago to go sailing on our old boat - or technically Greg's old boat.  He lived on it when we met just shy of 19 years ago.

One of our active projects is our wind generator.....  We had a vibration since it was installed and upon further investigation, we discovered a bent shaft.  After E marine didn't really take us seriously, we contacted the maker and they are seeming like they are arranging a plan that will let up actually get started cruising with a wind generator.  So, fingers crossed....

**edit: the maker did take care of the issue - returned the original unit and sent us a replacement - which doesn't have a wobble and is quieter.

Finally, need to follow up with this girl......  gosh I miss her... but I know she's happy with Rick.  And once we get cruising, there are going to be many days where her fun to suck ratio would be much lower with us on the boat.

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