Saturday, July 28, 2018

the REAL Bimini Post

We're installing the bimini this week.  It's a custom hard top made by Atlantic Towers.  Thanks to a couple neighbors (Richard and John) we got the bimini in place, then with Greg's ingenuity, we got some halyards/lines to hold it up while we see where we want to install all the permanent parts.

Now were's drilling, which means lots of trips up to the cockpit and down below, and to the hardware store.  But it'll get done - I'm already thinking about the shade sides I'm going to make so that I can be all comfy in the sun in Mexico.

The supports are aluminum, so they are bigger diameter than a stainless frame.  This is already giving us a better sense of security in our cockpit.

Let me sign off with a picture of the truck delivering it to us:

Is that crazy or what?  This was the end point for them - they ended up backing the truck all the way out the way they came in - to University Ave.

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