Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Bimini and Arch

Nothing like completely changing your boat's profile.....  and doing this right before taking off cruising... how in the heck am I supposed to get our boat cards done?

We literally don't have a photo of her and probably won't till we get cruising.  (the projects list is CRAZY).

So what am I doing, I'm using pictures of us and our bright/can't-miss it dinghy set up for boat cards.  Our engine, named Buzz (for now) is painted as a bumble bee.....  and it buzzes when it runs... so its name is BUZZ.... get it ;-)

OK, that's our engine, and our chaps have a bright orange nose on the bow.... let's just say, I think it's distinctive.

wow, this post took a veer...

edit: we nixed this for our boat cards and went with regular pics of us  But that's Buzz.....  and his awesome dinghy chaps that Greg made himself - sewing project #2 for him.....

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