Saturday, July 21, 2018

About 2 months to go......Solar cooking

Things are starting to feel real.  The bimini is installed, we're starting to get all the things on our list that a few months ago, we decided to wait because we had plenty of time.  The above is my latest addition.  Twelve years ago when we took a year off for cruising south, I really disliked being in the galley when it was hot, but did want to prepare good food.  This go around we decided to try out a solar cooker.  We like this one alot for the rigidness and the foldability - All Seasons Solar Cooker.  I can just take those bolts off and fold her right up and stash her down below.  Already figured out a longer storage folding and a daysail folding routine.

So we got it last week and it went on my agenda this weekend to start playing with it.  Day one, within 30 minutes, it was clear that it really does work.  Yes, I need to remember about the no evaporation, so use less liquid.  But yep, I can see longer slow cooker type meals, to casseroles, even to reheating leftovers (yes, it's that easy). 

It's not something I would use while sailing.  But at anchor - yes, definitely. For setting it, I can safely say, I can set it up for a good 3 hours undisturbed cooking time.....  at that point, a check in to make sure the sun is in cooking range (done with a little sundial that lives on top). 

I cooked rice on Sat - done in an hour, but complete mush because I didn't measure my water.  Sunday, I cooked a pot of beans.  It stayed in the cooker for about 6 hours and I needed to relocate (move a few inches) the cooker once due to shade from our furled main.  

I expect with use, I'll get better, but for the first weekend, I was super comfortable with it by Sunday.

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