Thursday, May 3, 2018

Spiffing Up

Pura Vida has been getting spiffed up.  I've been silent in large part because we are consumed with projects.....

She has a Stern arch now sporting 3 solar panels and a wind generator.  You might notice that she is missing the main part of a sailboat (her mast).  It's currently back on and her rigging and chainplates have all been replaced.  That was a tough one.....  it was the price of a small new car. - or I should say more than the price.  The painful part of that 1/2 rigging wire that looks so sturdy.

There's also a new fun Kayak instead of the small blue one.

There have been more updates below: soundproofing for the engine, the suite of Mantus products for our anchoring security and comfort, high water alarm, and probably many more that I've forgotten.

But she's worth it - we love her more than ever - 10 years after purchasing her.