Monday, July 4, 2005

Viking Raft Up

Hi - So this weekend started off pretty normal. I was nice enough to let mom sleep in till around 7am (I won't get into how she kept telling me to go lay down and turning her head to face the wall). But you try to sleep when you have to pee pee -- it's very hard....

Anyway, we got up and when we got back, dad was kinda getting up, so I just progressed it a bit by jumping on the bed and licking his nose -- he loves it when I do that. Another favorite trick is to nibble on his earlobe!!!!!

So they were already out running errands by 8:30 in the morning, this was my first clue that we were going to have another adventure today -- they are usually much lazier than this.

But mom kept telling me that I would love this one, something about an easy sail then a romp on the beach -- I'm all for beaches!!!!

After we had a little bit of lunch (or THEY had lunch, I didn't get anything) the wind picked up a bit and my sailing shoes went on and we were off...

They were right, we were not sailing toward that Golden Bridge and the boat seemed calmer - but I still opted to stay below and listen to my sailing tunes for most of the trip.

As we got closer to Clipper Cove (it's at Treasure Island which is in the middle of the Bay Bridge), we saw some fishermen.

I wondered if they were catching any of that salmon stuff, mom and dad said they weren't - but what do they know??

We also saw and had to sail through a number of barges with new bridge parts...

I thought that was very cool, but we were on a mission. We are sailing to Clipper Cove to meet others who have the same brand of boat as we do.

Here is a picture of the entrance to the Cove - it's just to the left of that pier - if you look real close, you can see some boats already there.

It was really a very fast sail - normally mom and dad would sail around more, but they kinda wanted to get there and get settled with the dinghy so I could play on the beach...

So since this was my first time having people I didn't know walking across the boat - mom made me little garlic hotdogs so the experience would be really good for me. I don't know what they were worried about though, I was fine with it - sometimes I would go outside when someone came on our boat and see if they had anything good for me to eat. Mom and dad said I did really well.

In the pic above, our boat is the 3rd from the right.

But I was a little concerned when these guys showed up. Luckily I met the one on the right last year. But for a little bit there, I thought they were going to try to take over our boat!!!

It wasn't all boat time. We took some romps to play on the beach...

And look here at my great find!!!! Mom wouldn't let me bring it home, she said it was much better if we left it here for the next boat doggie to play with. I think that's a good idea, I don't think I could have gotten it in my room anyway.

Here mom put me to work. The next morning the boat next to us had to leave, so we had to pull this other boat alongside of us to take out space. Mom told me I had to watch this line on my left to make sure it didn't come untied. I did a great job, the line didn't budge!!!!

Well, it was a fun weekend, and I'm a tired little puppy - but I had a great time and I'm proud to be a Viking dog (I wonder where I can get some horns) !!!!

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