Thursday, October 26, 2017

Who is Clewie

play focused
plays hard, sleeps hard

Age: 3.5 years
How got to the shelter: Her previous owner's neighbor brought her in
Origin of her name: A Clew is one part of a sail
weight: 34 lbs

Nicknames: Cukoo, Cukoo Bear, Silly girl, Peanut

She is the little girl that taught me how fun a dog can be.  She's the silliest and funnest dog I've ever met.  She's gentle - most everyone loves her.  She gets along with most every dog as well.  She loves to play.  Most often, she's the favorite wherever she goes. 

She also challenges me..... and pushes me out of my comfort zone. She's not a "lazy" dog.  She's high energy and impulsive and possibly a little insecure.  She loves training, so we work on coping tricks when she gets excited.  She's one of the most appreciative dogs I've shared my life with and she can warm my heart so easily.

She's super smart and food motivated. Her favorite activity when alone is playing with toy puzzles.  She's also a heavy chewer - she loves a good chew toy.

Also, snuggling is serious business with her.  She's a burrower and from about 7pm till 8am, you can find her snuggled somewhere.  Often at night or early in the morning, she likes to be carried from bed to the door before going outside to the bathroom for her last potty walk of the evening or her first of the day.  And it's just too adorable to resist.  She loves to burrow under the covers in the bed.

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