Thursday, October 26, 2017

Play Room

One of this weekend's projects was to organize the vberth.......  

For a couple of reasons - one, we are doing a club cruise with our local Yacht Club to Half Moon Bay and are bringing guests with us for the trip down - so of course, we needed to "clean the house".  And one of the important (and great) things about using your boat while living aboard is it forces organization - because the boat is just more fun when things are in their place and it's cruise ready.

In addition to the above, I really like giving the dogs more space and nooks to play/hang out in.  They also have the aft cabin which after we wake, the bed gets made and dog cover goes on and it becomes the "playroom".... their toy box is next to the bed - and they do some good romping in there - which sometimes streams out into the salon as well (I'll do another post on how we manage play aboard).

This maybe should be called the "doggie lounge"  In the past, this is where we kept Tack's crate. Maybe that's why the dogs tend to come here to chew - or maybe they chew here because it's smaller....  Last night Tack spent some quality time chewing on his ball while Clewie explored around him.

This is a view of what it looked like before..... and how Tack made it clear he would like this space to hang out in again.

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