Thursday, October 26, 2017

Boat Life Gloom: Projects

Have I mentioned that boats are small?  And usually to get to something, you need to move at least 2 things out of the way....  because boats are designed to use every bit of space.  

So when it becomes project time - that usually means some section of the boat needs to be emptied out - while a whole slew of tools come out to work on the said project.

This leave very little room for dogs.  The above photo is their playroom while Greg was rebuilding our fridge.  (FYI, on a boat, you don't buy a fridge.... you buy the parts and install them and build your own fridge).

So the above was the playroom..... in the salon - tools were strewn all over the boat version of the dining room table, couch, seats and some on the floor.  In the now doggie lounge - there was a temporary refrigerator. 

The dogs were left to be adaptable and find a space to be calm..... 

This was only during the day, Greg had this all cleaned up when I got home from work and we slept in our bed again that night.  Only to tear it apart again the next day to work on the project again.....

Boat life Gloom.....

I'll leave you with a picture of Matey (our previous dog) laying in the only available space during a boat project in Mexico.  This was her cozy den looking not so cozy this day.

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