Thursday, October 26, 2017

Dapper Dawg - Who is Tack

I thought it would be interesting to give you an idea who Tack is........


Nicknames: Tackilicious, Tackamundo, Ticky Tack, Tacky Wacky, Peggy and Hopalong
Age: 4.5 years old
Adopted from: Contra Costa Animal Shelter
How entered the shelter: picked up by the night dog catcher truck... 
Origin of name: Tack is the name of the corner of a sail

This is the dog who will be the one by your side through a tough work day.....  just laying there, supportive.  He really HAS to snuggle regularly - we joke how it was in his description card at the shelter.  Don't be surprised to feel him rest the weight of his head on your shoulder, hand, lap. It's a big head ... and very heavy.

He's very sensitive....  If Clewie snatches a treat that he thinks should have gone to him..... his head muscles start to vibrate like a child's lower lip...And his lower jaw starts to quiver. It breaks us every time - we can't stand to see him sad.  he'll do the same thing if another dog takes his ball at the park - so we usually have a spare.

He also has a gamer side.  He's a tug man... and a fetch man.   The ball is his Zen - he's been known to carry his ball for a 6.5 mile hike.  Nice for us in that he'll remember to carry it.

Playing games with humans is one of his favorite things.  He mostly ignores other dogs - Even Clewie when she's jumping on him or pulling his ear or lip.

But he's not perfect......  He does get jealous when Clewie is playing with another dog and they get excited too close to him.  They he gets bullyish and chest bumps.  But no mouth and if he's corrected by the other dog, he'll ask forgiveness (by cowering low).  But if he's not corrected, his bullyness goes unchecked - so we get involved.

He also either really likes or really hates motorcycles.....  i'm not sure.   But he's very excited when he sees them.  we've tried letting him meet folks on motorcycles and he just sniffs them.  But he's VERY excited when he sees or hears them.

Here he is looking at one behind us in the car.

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