Thursday, February 4, 2016

Boat Life Perk: Night Herons

(photo from: wikipedia article)

This is not my photo.... though we see these guys on our dock hanging around almost every evening.  Unfortunately, When I have Tack or Clewie with me, they are too focused on loosing their marbles for me to get a photo... I want to, but I can barely manage unlocking the gate and walking through.

So, birds are a perk for our dogs living on a boat - they get to see amazing wildlife up close and personal.

Here's a video of Clewie discovering how much fun sailing can be - though we are motoring...  but back from an overnight to Sausalito a couple of months after moving in with us. Clewie and the birds

I'm not so crazy about them chasing the birds.. and the rule has been they can sometimes stay on deck while we are home... but once the bird chasing happens, they need to come back inside.  Tack is a little calmer than Clewie, so he can usually handle lounging outside a little longer/better.

The also love the bird poop on the dock along with the mussel shells the seagulls leave around after they've eaten their meal.

They've yet to enjoy chasing schools of fish in clear warm water... but perhaps one day.

Bird life definitely gets two paws up from the furry Pura Vida Crew.....


  1. Looks like Clewie has found a good way to get exercise while on board.

    I'm glad Honey doesn't have a strong prey drive so the birds don't bother her. But I can't wait for her to spot a dolphin. She's been asleep the past two times we encountered one.

    1. Yes, I'm hoping Clewie grows out of it eventually. You're right that it will be fun when Honey spots her first dolphin - I look forward to the story. Our previous dog Matey loved them. We couldn't even say the word "Dolphin" or she'd fly up from below even from sleeping (we'd call them "Ds"). Here's a video of them with her barking in the background: