Thursday, February 18, 2016

Better with two - depends on who you ask

Here is a photo of the Abbot and Costello bit these two got me into this morning….  And yes, I need to explain.

As you know, we live on a sailboat – the entrance to our boat is an about 5 ½ foot ladder – it’s pretty darn steep.  Tack being 50 lbs learned (was taught) to climb it pretty soon after coming to live with us.  When Clewie saw the advantages Tack had of being able to climb out on his own, she also quickly found the motivation to do it by herself as well (though she will usually let us lift her unless she’s super motivated).

*** Going down is a different story, both dogs get lifted down… Greg and I have each devised the version we prefer to make it easier for us – but the dogs absolutely don’t jump….. unless it’s raining and we’re slow (or not super speedy fast) getting them in from the rain – because, of course, they might melt… it is rain after all.

Back to this morning….. I was headed out – climbed the ladder, moved the hatch, turned around and replaced it…. By this time,  they had climbed into the position above – Clewie sitting on the top step and Tack perched halfway up the ladder waiting for Clewie to move so he could climb the rest of the way.  Both were looking up at me with waggy “bring me with you” tails.

I don't like them "figuring out" how to get down by themselves (ie: jumping from a precarious position), so went to put them below myself.

When I opened the hatch, Clewie ran out with Tack following…..  I said back inside, grabbed Clewie and went back down to lift her below…. Reached up to get Tack, who ran to the back of the boat – then I head up to go get Tack and Clewie climbs back up.

I end up scooping Clewie like a football with one hand and climb backwards down the ladder while hanging on to Tack’s collar.  After putting Clewie down, I quickly get up and lift Tack down as well. 

The next try – they both stay off the ladder….


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