Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Struggles with the Dinghy

Tack Here,

Most of the time, my life is pretty much like any other dog..... On days where the parents are earning money for my treats and cookies, I stay at home. I'm a mellow guy, so I get to hang out in the whole boat - Clewie stays in her crate. most of the time, I can be found sleeping in the upper sea berth - it's a little nook just above the settee (like a couch). About midday, my chauffeur comes to pick me and Sissy up to bring us to play with our pack friends for a couple of hours......

After we're all tuckerd out - we get delivered back home and get to nap a couple of hours till Mom comes home. Then we get to romp and play - or if we're too tuckered from earlier we can have snuggle time on the couch. Eventually - dinner time comes around and we hang out, watch TV, and snuggle - sometimes going for more walks.

But sometimes, the parents start moving the house...... they put a thick jacket on me and keep us under the dodger. Right now, till we get used to things, Mom tethers us so we don't go wandering, but she says when we get our sea legs a little more, we'll be able to hang out with out the tether. I really don't have any desire to walk around... though Sissy does.... I just like to hang out on the comfy chairs out of the wind behind the dodger.

A couple weeks ago - we went on a little sailing adventure..... toward the end - we were in a raftup with about 7 other boats.... i LOVED the visiting part - people were coming over all day, giving me pets and snuggles. But..... I learned we also have a wee small boat. I like our home boat much better.... this small one is only big enough for our family...... maybe some toys as well.... and it's rubber - dad had to inflate it. let's just say, I didn't trust it.... when the wind blew, I got down real low. When Sissy came, I was braver - she's one tough cookie - me...... I can be a little unsure about new things.

We took the little boat ride to shore a few times. And I was slowly getting more comfortable...... but I think i'm going to need more practice so I don't struggle so with it.