Thursday, September 8, 2011

Vi’s Photos from this weekend

OK, We’re back from Half Moon Bay. I haven’t gotten around to organizing our photos, but I wanted to share Vi’s from the trip. She’s professional photographer and joined on Trial Run – a Passport 40 also in the BYC. She has a very impressive eye and I always enjoy seeing the art she comes up with.

Enjoy and mine are coming soon… Actually they better, we’re planning a trip to Bodega Bay in just under two weeks…

Later, M

Friday, September 2, 2011

Half Moon Bay Labor Day 2011

This past Labor Day weekend we sailed to Half Moon Bay with A contingent of fellow BYCers. But to start the adventure off – let’s take in a little Matey-tude….

Because every adventure centers around our little girl (whether we like it or not ).

Friday was a vacation day for the both of us and departing wasn’t vacation-like – we were slipping out of the marina by 8am. The entire trip was a motorsail (with an emphasis on the motor). It was just the Davids gang on the way down and beyond a minor atercation about who had dibbs on the nap down below, was uneventful. I called it first by the way, so I was snoozing on the setee (or basically, our couch).

After arriving, we scoped out the spot Galatea chose to anchor, then snagged some recently price increased fuel and dropped anchor just off Galatea. Wholeheartedly we stood our ground while the fishing boats of HMB stalked our spot as we fueled up. One thing about sailboats is they hardley ever have fuel gauges so it’s a slow guessing game of 10 more gallons, then run down and stick a wooden dowel to see how close you are to the top of the tank….very high tech :-)…

Our little girl is very focused on the sea lions at the entrance buoy….

The afternoon (we arrived around 1ish) and evening were spent lazing around, pumping up the dinghy and meandering around for Matey to get a little stetch in her legs.

We saw this great example of the extremes of boat owners…

Just in case you forget what we look like – a self portrait…

Matey enjoying her dinghy ride:

This guy was quite beautiful and trusting. But he did get a little nervous as I did approach ever too closely with my point and shoot.

Friday, before dinner, we had a little get together aboard Pura Vida:

Saturday we lazed around in the morning (my favorite weekend activity)….then maybe walked around some more and started waiting for the rest of the BYC gang to arrive.

Love this boat and want to meet the owner to interview for a job…because I WANT TO GO TO HIS MEETINGS!!!!! What a fantastic little fishing boat. Greg and I often talk about picking up a little fishing boat like this…then we remember about maintenance and come to our senses…

Catherine and Doug of Galatea….

I love the working harbor-ishness of HMB…. I really enjoy this harbor….

So, in the afternoon, people started to arrive. Our Friend Mike was singlehanding in on his first solo sailing out the Gate adventure. As and added feature, the sailing gods decided to add an engine malfunction to his adventure (Mother Nature can be soooo Coool like that)….. that meant he was coming in under sail..though he was able to motor when he got close – he had alot on his mind. I tend to get nervous and picky when people raft up – about fenders out and at the right height…so to avoid stress, I arranged with Margeaux (who was already tied next to us) for extra fenders….well – as you can see – it wasn’t necessary. Not only was Mike sailing in without an engine, he had lined his boat with fenders all at the proper height…he is so awesome!.

After everyone arrived Saturday, we went out for a dinner – of 33 people at Mezza Luna….yummy! Then Sunday – After a loungy morning (well, I went for a run and Matey and Greg walked and socialized in the marina), we had everyone over for a raft up and games.

Trial run – Instead of walking over from the marina, packed up the boat and brought her into the raft.

The gang poses before eating…

After eats, we played a Blind Man Dinghy race which previous cruises have done and it’s been a lot of fun.

Above are the race photos. We won my a decent margin, but we were last to go and have done it before. Also, Greg is really good at doing what I tell him to do 🙂

We had such a great time, we almost missed the club’s activities Sunday night…. But we managed to drag ourselves there for a little more food, drink, music and bonfire…

Monday, we were joined early in the morning by Mike, Joanne and Lia for the trip back up the coast. Mostly it was basically a motoring trip till the passing under the Gate where the wind machine picked up and we had a fantastic sail back to Berkeley.

Video of the great sail back:

We’re headed to Bodega Bay this weekend…

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Gotta Love 4 day weekends

Report – but this will work better than the previous posting. And I’m super psyched wordbooker is working.. and I wanted to see it work again….Yeah!!!!


I’m just about bursting with excitement. Our Half Moon Bay Cruise is this weekend and I just can’t wait to be out the Gate…I would say with no land in sight, but the only way that’s going to happen is if there is fog…and I’m certainly not hoping for fog. Pray for the sun…today and tomorrow are forecasted at 71 degrees in HMB…so odds are good it’ll be better than last year. But the bar was so low last year…it was super cold and windy and Greg was working till 10:30pm every day. He sailed down there so that he could commute from there with the hopes a bunch of cruisers would stay up till 11 when he got in for a drink…which mostly happened…but most of the fun was over by the time he got there. But this year – he’s not working and it’s not looking to be windy….which isn’t exactly good for sailing, but is good for hanging at anchor rafted up with a bunch of friends. So I’l take that. Done. let’s go.

But, I have a few photos to share from the past month or two or so….highlights… Greg and I have been taking full advantage of his weekends off and sailing, sailing, sailing. It’s been fun.Sherry and John

This couple who has been running the BYC Open Mics and the First Sunday Jazz and are also good friends…have relatives in Austin who just adopted the cutest little girl. this is them..David, Erika and Alex

They were great to have aboard… here’s Alex in action..

She was even gybing with a strong following wind and she did great. For you nonsailors, it is something that takes a steady and focused hand and flirts with danger…bad things could happen if not done right 🙂

OF course I need to include that Kim – my Austin flavored friend came along….

After that spectacular day..or before…can’t really remember what came first and don’t really care to try 🙂 On another trip, we sailed to Petaluma for a music festival. Here are some highlights:

A tug with the Richmond bridge behind him.

After entering the channel with Windarra (a sistership) behind us. They are now heading south on their second cruise. you can read about their adventures here:

Windarra coming around the bend on the Petaluma river

OK – these two I can’t take photo credit for, Greg is the photographer… but I did the post processing, though admittedly, I had high quality to work with 🙂 (like the way I sneak in to get some credit for this?)… I just thought they were really beautiful shots and really captured the uniqueness of sailing up the Petaluma river.

Below are a couple of videos from the music festival. The first is the real time painter or something like that. He painted to the music when it overcame him and he was sometimes more fun to watch that the actual band. The second is of a Capoeira performance that broke out during a Brazilian band set. It was amazing to watch. I know the video is long at just under 2 minutes, but keep at it – the dancers get better and better as the video goes on…

Live Painter:


Our next adventure brings us all the way to Oakland..which doesn’t seem all that exciting, but is in the traffic sense…but first off was a light-ish sail.

Then here are various pics after lunch and on our return out the estuary. We got held up by a container ship docking – which was fascinating for me because that links together my personal and professional life. Though also fascinating for everyone else because….well, it’s just pretty spectacular. Especially from about 100 feet away.

That about catches you up with our sailing adventures. Not much you are missing about us….except Matey’s front right leg seems to be bothering her these days…we’re about to take her to Dr Mattu to check her out. She can still play ball, she just pays a price and can’t jog with me..which she misses…or maybe this is her excuse to be able to gracefully sleep in…hmmm, hadn’t thought of that. Maybe it’s true what I thought 7 years ago when we adopted her, she really is smarter than me?????