Monday, August 8, 2011

Our furry friend

About 8 years ago, Matey met one of her first friends through her dogwalker, Miriam. Gus is one of the sweetest dogs and although he and Matey took some time to develop their bond – they did and I’ll always appreciate his sensitive thoughtful presence. Gus was Miriam’s lucky doggie who got to live with a dogwalker and Matey would often hang out at their house on the crowded days when he wasn’t romping at the park with his mom, doggie sister Marina and his other pack of furry friends.

Tomorrow we will say goodbye to our friend Gus. Although we don’t see him anymore since his move with his family to the East Coast. He is still special in our heart and we will miss him.

1pm EST – We will be thinking about him and will be with him and his family in spirit as he crosses the rainbow bridge.

We love you, Gus and wish we can give you a neck nuzzle personally. But Miriam and John – please pass this on for us…

~Love, Melissa Greg and Matey