Monday, May 30, 2011

Canvas Repair

This weekend we noticed Pura Vida’s main cover was ripped. I say we noticed, but that sounds like were were observant or diligent….Really this seam that came undone was about as obvious as whacking us on the head. It was at the top of the cover and about 2 feet long. So not addressing it wasn’t really an option. Fortunately a few years ago, a neighbor gave us an old sewing machine she was getting rid of. It’s a home machine, but an old metal one of ages ago. I’ve done a few things with it and tested it on layers of sunbrella so believe it’s up to the task.

Today was the day. Greg was working, so I dug out the machine, set up the sail loft in the salon and gave it a go. Sadly I haven’t gotten around to buying UV thread, so my household thread will have to do for now. I used 3 lines – so maybe we’ll get a little time out of it.

Now after a few more blog maintenance issues…. Matey and I will get our yaya’s taken care of. Then it should be about time for Greg to get home. Photos from the cruise this weekend will be coming….

bay sailing, BYC

FLashback….Drakes Bay.

Flashback a couple of weeks….

Thursday after working late, stopping by Berkeley Bowl for some dinner/weekend ingredients and hitting the gym for a hard
workout, I returned home to start readying Pura Vida for a little romp up to Drake’s Bay (Pt Reyes). Alcatraz Cruises is
in between their schedule changes (winter to summer), so where it seems Greg is fitting into the totem pole, he is on a
wacky schedule and sometimes gets a weekend day or whole weekend off. This weekend he gets Friday through Sunday. So
we’re taking advantage and heading off for a weekend of cruising adventures.Matey Ready for actionI hold my breath every time he does thisGourmet lunch underway

We are in the midst of it, sitting at anchor in Drake’s. Which means no internet, cell phone service, no pandora, no texting. But we do get to play with the HF radio and tune into the Mexico nets. This morning we got to hear
Don Anderson of Summer Passage give his weather report. Gee I miss his “flavor”…he’s such a great character and source
of entertainment and knowledge.
So, backing up, we woke early Friday – around 6am. But really I woke, Greg didn’t sleep. He’s so like a kid before
Christmas. He was so excited to get out on an ocean adventure, he was up all night doing whatever he does and by 6am I was
woken by the smell of Bacon. Gotta love waking up like that!
By 7:30am we were heading out the marina. Fortunately there was a little wind, so we sailed most of the way out and on
into Drake’s. I probably spent a little more time than I should have on email… I do enjoy the team
I used to work with.. I won’t dwell, but it was my old boss’ last day. He was an inspirational force with the group I
worked with and lets just leave it at I’m pretty sure things are going to change.
But fortunately AT&T knew what was really best for me and around 2ish – cut me off for good. Before then, we had a lively
current shuttling us out the Gate which kept things interesting. Just beyond Potato Patch things flattened out nicely and
we were moving along in about 15-20 knts of wind. Much more than we were expecting. Though, we weren’t really expecting the
mogules of crab pots we had to weave around. Every time we saw them we regretted not packing along our crab trap to pick
up some dinner once we got anchored.
We made it in around 3ish. After a “meeting of the minds” with our roller furler (who is trying to get itself bumped up
the list to be replaced before the windlass)….Greg’s mind surpassed the furler and we proceeded to tidy up Pura Vida who was now
resting at anchor.
I had been fearing the cold, but after digging out my long johns and snuggly boots…and lighting the lantern – it wasn’t
that bad. We had a nice grilled steak, asparagus, wild rice and Sharon’s Kale Salad. Add in tunes, a margarita for Greg
and wine for me….it was just about a perfect evening.Dinner

Saturday morning brought another yummy breakfast by Greg and a lazy morning listening to the Amigo Net then reading while
gently rocking away. It looks like both today and tomorrow will be a light upwind sail back home. Yep, upwind both
ways….luckily Pura Vida makes that easy. We had planned on staying until tomorrow, but there is a BYC day Cruise raft up
tomorrow that we think we want to attend.I Know, another Matey photo...but she's just so darn cute and saltyTaken as we were leaving, but this is where we were anchoredFamily photo underwayHeading back to the GateRelaxing back at home

OK – Now flash forward to present day. Sorry about that – that’s what happens when I start a blog post and don’t
finish…. We did end up returning Saturday and then Sunday joining in on the raft up at Aquatic Park. It was a lot of
fun – though it did get a little windier than we would have liked, we held and all had a good time.
After this weekend, our plan was to replace our windlass with a brand spanking new one. We’ve purchased it and Greg is
finishing up the install – hopefully to be done by next weekend. Since we’re planning to spend Memorial Weekend in
Petaluma (as long as Greg gets the weekend off), we really need to have it completed before we go.
Greg can’t wait for the first elevator ride up the mast 🙂
So some additional news, this past weekend, we ran across a good deal for a heater, which is on our “list”….so after the
windlass install, Pura Vida should be sporting a new forced air diesel heater…..that’ll make night at anchor a lot more
cozy….. well, it’ll probably make some days at anchor more cozy as well…

OK, flash forward again…. we did spend Memorial weekend in Petaluma – well kinda, we returned Sunday. The windlass is installed and Greg got his elevator ride…. OK – on to finding photos and getting this published….

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day Cruise and a first timer poking their nose out the Gate

This past weekend was the club’s day cruise out to Presidio Yacht Club for a Burger with the best view and coziest bar in the Bay (organized by our good friends Lindsey and Mike). Our Friends Mike and Joanne were up for taking out their boat Quattro Mari – and believe it or not, their schedules even allowed for the trip – after Mike rearranged a trip to Italy so he could have a couple of days at home.

I should mention, the reason Pura Vida wasn’t joining in on the fun is because she was getting a little minor surgery by having her new windlass installed. So instead of going over with Mike and Lindsey, we headed over on QM.

There were a total of 6 boats all meeting outside of the breakwater in Berkeley at noon (or was it 11, I have no idea). Then we left en mass out to beat our way to Horseshoe cove at the base of the Golden Gate Bridge. Fortunately the wind was a moderate 10-15 kts the whole day. It was smooth sailing (so cliche’) all the way. Joanne made chocolate dipped fruit (was that why she was running so late 🙂 ). IT was very decadent…. and really civilized……most un-Berkeley-like…..

As we closed in on the cove, Mike coordinated the boats via the radio – three got the dockspace, the other three would anchor with one of the boats on the dock ferrying everyone in….. We anchored, then awaited our ferryboat ride.

Todd and the rest of the crew came to ferry us and we were surely the sight with about 14 people hanging onto the boat as we pulled into the dock…. we even had to shufle ourselves around so that we weren’t all leaning over on the same side.

With all of the Berkeleyites tidied up, we mosied on up the dock to the club for a refreshing drink of choice and nibbly for lunch. The bartender was pretty decent after getting over the shock of his dream of a lazy Sunday afternoon being dashed.

In typical Presidio YC fashion, we relaxed and enjoyed the view and a yummy burger and cold beer….before leaving we snapped a group photo, then everyone made their way back to the boats and started their trip home.

Since Mike and Joanne are still fairly new to sailing, this is furthest trip that they have been on and neither had been outside the Gate, so because the weather was being so cooperative, we decided to head on out and tick that milestone off their list.

For Greg and I, it was thrilling and a fantastic reminder of just how special this place is. It’s always nice to share sailing on the Bay and milestones such as sailing under the Gate with someone experiencing it for the first time. It’s sad, but we sometimes forget how special it is…. Joanne and Mike – thank you so much for reminding us and letting us share with you such a milestone. Your joy was refreshing!!!

Well, after getting our fill of ocean swells, we turned around for some gybing back to Berkeley. I forgot to mention, while we were having lunch, our Grey sky turned sunny……the sun held for just about the whole trip back with a little interesting cloud formations threatening to rain on us, but not following through, but only making for good views.

A pretty great day. Greg and I then spent the evening having a light dinner and watching the movie “Never Let Me Go”……