Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tsunami 2011

It’s Heartbreaking hearing about what has happened to Japan. I can’t imagine going through a huge earthquake then shortly after a huge Tsunami washing away so much of their home. Then to now be dealing with a nuclear reactor meltdown…geesh…when will it end for these folks?

OK – I had to get that off my chest before I pounced right into being all – cool sailing oriented… Though this could have really turned out differently. It didn’t. We weren’t featured on the news as the morons who stood at the point waiting for the Tsunami to hit Berkeley. And I’m ohh so thankful for that. Instead we got some pretty cool video and learned a ton about the sea and force of water and just how powerful it is. Though mother nature is probably shaking her head at me wondering if I will ever learn….she keeps pointing it out to me and I keep noticing, but it’s just so amazing to me.

ok – here’s the video link:

Water certainly doesn’t flow into the marina like that. That – is a river, NOT a marina entrance.

By the time I finally left for work, the waves of the ins and outs were starting to slack off. But a couple of pilings had already fallen down, a few dock-lines snapped (good argument to have over-sized ones). One dock broke – but this was already a questionably “repaired” (covered up with a piece of wood) part of the dock. And I’m guessing the pilings were similar to the one next to our boat where at low tide there is little more than the shell of most of the outside keeping it standing (with the inside rotted out). The marina just went through to replace a number of them, but unfortunately some didn’t make it to the list to be replaced. I think we are really fortunate that this happened after the piling replacements that they did make.

So other than muddy water, alls back to normal. Here’s a funny shot of Greg and Ed after our guest dock at the YC lost a little of it’s flotation and took a dunking….

See Greg is Port Captain and Ed is Dock Captain… I’m not sure what the difference is. But it looks like each is saying the other needs to take the lead to arrange for the dock’s fixing. As a disclaimer – this is a joke…..they aren’t really fighting and I am certain each will be happy to arrange for the fixing. It was just a funny moment.

Here’s the dock in question – taking a dunking. At the time Greg was snapping this photo, a marina worker was frantically yelling for him to get off the dock while showing extreme control by not adding (idiot!).

Here’s video during (you can see Greg’s shadow on the dock) and just afterward: