Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Girlie Goes to the Snow

Snow is forecasted for San Francisco this weekend… to get in the spirit, and basically because it was the time of year we wanted to bring the girlie up to the snow to wig out – we (I) took the day off so that we could go up to romp in the big snow. We got up bright and early for Greg’s standards….Matey and I had been up for hours…(not really, but we like to make him think that).

After a yummy breakfast, we headed out to Tahoe. Fortunately the middle of the week usually doesn’t come with traffic so by 11am we were scoping out a good snow play turnoff. I found a broken leftover snow saucer thingy and after one good slide down the hill finished it off (but at least it was fun). Sorry – no picture, I jumped on it before Greg was even out of the car.

We proceeded to have a colossal good time while romping with Matey – mostly Matey romping while Greg and I trudged through knee high snow.

This was our playground – just some random exit which had a not so high berm to access the white stuff.

Matey being a maniac.

Matey and I as a self portrait

And who can resist this happy girl.

She lost a shoe….but it was worth it. Hopefully we can still pick up another one from Ruff Wear. Usually she’s very good at coming back, but when it was time for us to go…. I could see the wheels turning in her head and she slowly turned her body away from us to make a break for it. Luckily another car drove up at that time which she had to check out – then we nabbed her.

Greg’s done with the snow while Matey and I are soaking in a little more of the white stuff.

And because I know you absolutely can’t get enough of the little furry one in our lives….here she is romping around like a maniac…

After the romping we took a side trip to check out Sutter’s Mill. It was interesting – probably not worth a special trip unless you want to check out some other stuff or are really bored and looking for a drive. But as for passing through, it was a fun sidetrip and gave us more to explore.

Just in case you find yourself in a stage coach – here are some tips so you can make some friends (or at least not make enemies) on the multi-week long crossing from the East Coast to the west Coast.

Yep – I ran between traffic halfway across this bridge (the one I’m standing on) to get this photo. The shoulder was maybe the width of my foot.

I fell in love with these bridges. I love them. And Matey fell in love with the clear American River water. She really wanted me to let her swim, but I kept her wading only for the length of her leash. We figured with the current, we’d probably see her for about 5 seconds before she was washed down river.

Before we left, we had to show Matey that she could be working for her dog food. This is how they ground down stuff – with a horse driven power thingamabob. I wasn’t really paying attention – more into taking photos 🙂

We’re home now and after dinner, about to turn in – we both have to work tomorrow… Matey gets to lounge.