Saturday, January 1, 2011

Mystery Cruise – Pura Vida braves the weather with new good friends

Today was the annual Mystery Cruise at the Berkeley Yacht Club. And fortunately it is also a holiday for Alcatraz Cruises so Pura Vida and her crew were ready and looking forward to bringing in the new year on the water with the wind flowing through our hair/sails. Though leading up to this weekend, the forecast wasn’t looking all that hot – so we were doing as all bad sailors do….trying our best to ignore it and hang on the the hope that it was wrong and still look forward to the day.

We spent New Year’s Eve at the club which finally had a real event for New Year’s with a band and dinner/dancing – very festive. Though – Greg and I did leave early and rang in the new year aboard Pura Vida with a bottle of champagne.

This morning we woke groggily around 8 to grey skies but no rain. After a quick check on our iphones about the weather and radar, we jumped into action of showers and readying the boat for sailing. Feeling like the hopefulness for a sail was being granted…. Around 9am, Pura Vida was just about ready and we headed to the club for breakfast and to find out the official plan from our Commodore about whether we will be sailing.

After filling our bellies and a couple cups of coffee for yours truly, the tough sailors of Berkeley decided it was a go – though instead of the planned raft up at Clipper Cove, we would just come back to the club for Chili. 5 boats took off with full loads of adventurous BYCers. It was really great to see so many of our newer members without boats be able to get out on the Bay and enjoy themselves.

Mike and Lindsey's Knot Studying

So, in full disclosure, I have to admit to it being pretty darn cold and yes – it did rain. But on PuraVida, we had Greg and Bill Schripsema aboard to do the heavy lifting (or grinding) so that the ladies, Vicki Chan, Smidty Schripsema, Matey and myself could have a princess cruise under the dodger and in the salon. Another positive is the skies were beautiful with heavy clouds that thankfully didn’t reach down to the water.Fast Hands Greg – look how fast he pulls in that sail
Greg and Bill trying to squeak past the rocky point of Angel Island
Amazing skiesUpwind back to Berkeley

We made it out to about Ayala Cove on Angel Island before we decided to turn around and head for the barn. The thoughts of warmth and chili was calling our names.Mooring field at Ayala CoveChina Cove, Angel Island

Later this evening, Greg and I had a dip in the hot tub followed up with dinner and an episode of “Lie To Me”. A pretty darn good day if you ask me.