Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Fire – on Pura Vida!!!!!

Hard to believe – but this morning was a doozy. After my shower I noticed the power had shut off and silly me thought it was the marina losing power again. So while I was taking a little trip to the facilities, action started happening on Pura Vida.

Greg was still sleeping and woke to Matey barking. Though initially he thought she was just confused by monsters, when he heard a popping sound and a spark fell on his chest – he decided to take her a little more seriously. Holy Crap….a spark fell on his chest – NOT HOW YOU WANT TO WAKE UP!!!! For those that don’t know, boats go from smoking to engulfed in flames/have to jump off in something like 10 minutes.

Greg jumped up and out the boat to see smoke pouring out of the dorade on Pura Vida’s stern. After going back below, he pulled out a scarf I had stuffed in the dorade to stop the wind flow thinking that is what was on fire….but that actually allowed oxygen to feed our resident beast…now we had flames shooting out the dorade. I should mention – our neighbor Tod was already on scene as he was on his way to work and a smoking boat can sidetrack even the best employee. Our other neighbors, Liz and Kathy saw the smoke and rushed over with fire extinguisher in hand – always nice have captains as neighbors….

So when the flames started showing their stuff, Greg was able to snag a fire extinguisher immediately and tame the beast…

And this is when I return from the facilities…nice to miss all the action – I’m actually a little glad I didn’t see the flames.

Luckily there was only a small speck of a burnt spot for us to patch and a smelly boat. I made it into work, though the shock of the morning started to wear off about an hour later. I got a little panicky and needy, nothing that Greg wasn’t willing to reassure me about and cater to my weakend state by being available and keeping me updated on progress.

By the time I got home this evening, we had new wires – Thank you, Greg.

No flame pictures, but I do have melted dorade and melted power cord/innards pics:

So, perhaps we really will get those new dorades after all – we had decided to wait a little after our expanded adventure in the boat yard….that tale will have to wait until later, but to sum it up, we have a brand spanking new prop shaft…of course no one can see our bling…but it’s there – our secret BLING!!!!!