Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sail out to the Farallones

Over this past Spring we joined in on a Multi Club Cruise out to the Farallones to see whales. Greg took the day off and we packed up for an out of the Gate adventure.

The week leading up to it had forecasts whick put the event on then off, then maybe on, then off, then on – we’re going….. Because of this, we had planned to bring a bunch of friends with us but it turned out to only be the three of us.

We had an amazing sail out…. well – except for some light stuff betwen the headlands and Pt Bonita. But for the sail out the channel, no beating out the Gate, just a nice close reach with a decent period – so seems smooth with a nice swell. Pura Vida was powered up with her three sails pulling us along.

Almost to the Island chain, we found what we were looking for as the fleet communicated positions of whales as they moved through the fleet. But even with only the sighting of a few of them, it was great to be out on the ocean.

As we approached the Islands, we passed through the middle and Southern ones to gybe and head home.

Of course as we flatten out, this is the time for refreshments to come out. These were the only anything dark and stormy that day – thankfully….

Instead smiles around. It was even nice enough for a spinnaker run home. After riding the flood into the Gate, we made it back to Berkeley in time for the Crab feed at the club.