Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Saturday, September 5, 2009

New doggie neighbor on the dock

Hi. So Skye our neighbor adopted a rescued schipperke but before he could get a leash on him to bring him down to the boat. He escaped. After 5 days on the lam living under the yacht club with Skye spending all night up outside in the wind coming through the Golden Gate – we couldn’t stand it any more. Just the mention of the situation could bring tears to your eyes. Well he got a trap from the shelter and a few of us decided to man the trap through the night (to free the wayward cat or racoon and freshen up the smelly doggie smorgasbord of bait).

Happily about 2am. Sailor gave into the temptation and is now currently transitioning into a boat dog. So now we have 3 liveaboard dogs on N dock: Sailor, Skipper, and Matey.