Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Vessel Assist with Captain Greg

Tuesday (yesterday) Greg and I went out on the Vessel Assist boat. He was on call, but fortunatley didn’t receive a call as the wind was honking in the afternoon/evening reaching gusts to 35 knots in the marina. Though we did get some practice in – going out to the estuary for a spin around Jack London Square (the boat show starts this week), then over to the city where Greg practiced towing an imaginary boat to empty slips with the strong crosswind.

After that we headed out toward the Gate in the choppy Bay, then stopped off back at pier 1 1/2 for lunch in the City before heading back to Berkeley where the wind continued to build.

We had a fun time playing around on the Bay and what an awesome work boat that Vessel Assist boat is….

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Paradise Cove

Just wanted to share a picture of earlier in the winter when we took a sail out to paradise cove.

As you can tell it was a gorgeous day.

Flashback and Happy Easter

Just a flashback and a photo test . Here is a photo of Greg, Matey and I at a Northern California Lake. The Easter wish part goes along with the next photo which is from when we forst adopted Matey about 5 years ago.

Enjoy and Happy Easter!