Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Berkeley High Jazz Band_Winter Friday Nights at BYC

OK – for those not local (for if you were local, we would have already pestered you enough to come to our events), Greg had the brainstorm back in Novemberish to spice up the yacht club on Friday nights. See, normally the club is dark and sad on a Friday night in the Winter when BYC races aren’t going on. There was no reason for this – we knew (or hoped) there was a large group of people in the BYC (in addition to their friends on special nights) who would love something fun to do that wouldn’t break the pocketbook. Hence the birth of the Winter Friday Nights at BYC.

The idea was music/movies/games every Friday night. Music twice a month with a featured band one week and an open mic/Jam session on another Friday.

Not to go on – but it was a huge success, at least we think so. The first Friday, we had Rube Waddell (http://www.rubewaddell.org/) , the next month we had the Berkeley High Jazz Band, and the third, Culann’s Hounds (www.sfhounds.com). Unfortunately for you I am in bad need of a new camera (all that cruising and crazy picture taking has taken it’s toll, our camera isn’t what it used to be[so sad] )

Here’s a video in the Berkeley High Jazz Band, sorry it’s not so great, but it gives the idea but doesn’t do them justice – we had the club rockin that night…

Berkeley High Jazz Band mvi_92622

Here is a video of Rube Waddell… www.youtube.com/watch?v=-qCOhGBx5ko

Monday, March 30, 2009


We have been a little lax in our updates since hanging up our cruising hats – well, maybe not necessarily hanging them up – just putting them away for awhile and trying on some smaller more local ones 🙂 Since we added Pura Vida to our family and saw Pacifica off to new adventures and a new owner, we’ll need to fatten up that cruising kitty for a bit larger adventure than the 11 month one.

So – we’ll be bringing postings of weekend adventures around the Bay (San Francisco) and when we’re lucky – coastal trips along the California Coast.