Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Walkin with my dad

This afternoon dad took me to play at the park. I wanted to show off my drinking skills to mom who had to be at work. The parents taught me how to recognize the water boxes- I just need to have it turned on for me.


Friday, October 16, 2009

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Another cruising weekend

After a late night with the Culann’s Hounds at the yacht club, Greg, Matey and I are headed up the San Rafael canal for a club cruise. I hear tonight is a Western night with another band.

Oh. And what started out with us thinking would be a staysail day (winds are forecasted to be 45 kts). Turns out to be a spinnaker reach. And we could use a little more wind- we’re only speeding along at 3 kts. Though it’s early (11am) so the wind will probably pick up this afternoon. We needed to leave early as depth can be an issue in the canal.

Matey and the spinnaker

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Saturday, September 5, 2009

New doggie neighbor on the dock

Hi. So Skye our neighbor adopted a rescued schipperke but before he could get a leash on him to bring him down to the boat. He escaped. After 5 days on the lam living under the yacht club with Skye spending all night up outside in the wind coming through the Golden Gate – we couldn’t stand it any more. Just the mention of the situation could bring tears to your eyes. Well he got a trap from the shelter and a few of us decided to man the trap through the night (to free the wayward cat or racoon and freshen up the smelly doggie smorgasbord of bait).

Happily about 2am. Sailor gave into the temptation and is now currently transitioning into a boat dog. So now we have 3 liveaboard dogs on N dock: Sailor, Skipper, and Matey.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hello Bongo

Greg and I visited Bongo (our fur nephew) yesterday. He’s one cute little guy.

Monday, June 22, 2009

What’s up with that?

This photo is courtesy of our neighbor (a couple docks over) and friend, Moria. She was hanging out on her boat when what would she see but her neighbor (a sailboat) being towed back in the no wind conditions by the local Dragon Boaters…now you don't see that every day.

take your family to work day???

So, Since Greg started working at Alcatraz Cruises Kim and I have been talking about how long it’s been since we’ve been – and she wanted to girls to see it…..and how cool would it be for the girls to see their Uncle Greg working on the Ferry boat. So fast forward a couple of months, Greg’s dad and Carol were in town and Jackie (Greg’s mom) wouldn’t miss the day…all this adds up to Greg’s take your family to work day. Everyone couldn’t possibly have been friendlier and we all had a fabulous time.

Here’s our favorite First Officer…What a friendly face!!!!!

The scenes around the island are beautiful…

Could you imagine years living in this small space? I live on a boat and I can’t even fathom this as my entire world.

Anchors Aweigh Clipper Cove_Summer Sailstice Raft-Up

This past weekend Greg and I lead an Anchors Aweigh Raft-up for the Berkeley Yacht Club at the Clipper Cove Summer Sailstice event. It started off a little rocky – but on the day of the event – we were able to get our act together and have a max of 13 boats rafted up plus two members who anchored on their own. We had kids from the Cal Sailing Club climbing over all the boats during their daysail – we had dogs, cats, and even a 12 week old Sphinx. Twelve boats stayed overnight – we had plenty of anchors out in the gusty winds and we are happy to say our raft had no issues with dragging. The morning brought very little drama and people raised anchors and headed off to enjoy the rest of their day. The boats that attended were: Kip and Carol Keiper on SeaQuest, John and Alisa Cassero on Volare‘, Amy and Peter on Tulipe‘, Jolanda and Tod on Bliss, Sharon on Pearl of Oakland, Rick and Joan Webb on Webb Site, Doug and Dave Asche on Co-Motion, Kevin and Renee Murray on Done Deal, Moria Feighery-Ross on Freefall, Jose Rivero on Felice II, Lisa Miller on Bravada, the Hornemons with their Cal29, Ruby Slippers, Ian, Gina and Declan O’Leary on Ku Mema, and Greg and I on Pura Vida

Friday, June 5, 2009

Master Mariners on the Bay

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be able to go out with Kip and Carol aboard SeaQuest – their wonderful Ericson 35 for the Master Mariners race. The idea was to get some great photos – but the reality was an awesome sailing day – wonderful company while basically chasing the race around the Bay.

Wasn’t exactly the plan – but we all had a great time out there.
See and download the full gallery on posterous

Dock Party_June

The weather has been beautiful here in Berkeley – well – maybe better to say, we’ve had some really beautiful days. This initiated conversations about a dock party….a few emails later – we are having a BBQ with our closest neighbors.

the gang on the dock….

What a great time – we had fresh sushi – raw/BBQ oysters and plenty of other eats. Some attendees drove, others sailed in, others paddled in and others just walked out their front doors (or companionways).

Yes – the ABBA music came out so the girls sang

Gina and her fresh sushi — SUSHI PARTY next ????

Most people took a turn to shuck oysters —

We had a fantastic time and I think everyone agreed we need to do it again sometime soon….

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

MidWeek Trip To BlackThorne Inn

So, For those that don’t know, Greg got officially hired on in a full time position as a First Officer at Alcatraz Cruises. This is fantastic news and we are really happy about it, except for one minor thing. HIS SCHEDULE – it’s less than desired. He is working on a shift Fri – Monday noon to 10:30pm. For those working normal 9-5 M-F jobs (which I do), you can see how this is not really ideal… Hopefully it’s a low man on the todem pole kinda thing and it won’t last long.

Anyhoo – that was a couple of weeks ago, so this week to celebrate our anniversary – we decided to treat ourselves to a mid week overnight at the BlackThorne Inn in Inverness. It was a very cool place with all sorts of details from places such as old San Francisco Railroad depo doors – and woodwork from old San Francisco piers.

Here is an overview of the place…

We had dinner at Vladimir’s – a place we went to when we first started dating..

We stayed in the Eagle’s Nest room which had a cool entrance in the floor

And a hot tub just outside our door which was private after 10pm…

We had a great time.

Matey spent the time at Nonnie’s, we haven’t picked her up yet – but we hear she did sneak her way into the bedroom to sleep next to Nonnie. But unfortunatley she wasn’t able to convince her to invite her on the bed. Maybe next time…

Random Photos – or excuse for a test

Am really trying to figure out updating via email with pictures where I’d like them to go in the email… Here’s my test

Out sailing a few weeks/months ago – Nice – Matey sleeping under dodger.

Betty with here wonderul cookies she made for one of the Friday Winter nights at the Yacht Club

Our neices Nicci and Kaity on their cooking birthday party – pickng herbs with their friends…

Finally – our little furkid Matey…

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Vessel Assist with Captain Greg

Tuesday (yesterday) Greg and I went out on the Vessel Assist boat. He was on call, but fortunatley didn’t receive a call as the wind was honking in the afternoon/evening reaching gusts to 35 knots in the marina. Though we did get some practice in – going out to the estuary for a spin around Jack London Square (the boat show starts this week), then over to the city where Greg practiced towing an imaginary boat to empty slips with the strong crosswind.

After that we headed out toward the Gate in the choppy Bay, then stopped off back at pier 1 1/2 for lunch in the City before heading back to Berkeley where the wind continued to build.

We had a fun time playing around on the Bay and what an awesome work boat that Vessel Assist boat is….

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Paradise Cove

Just wanted to share a picture of earlier in the winter when we took a sail out to paradise cove.

As you can tell it was a gorgeous day.

Flashback and Happy Easter

Just a flashback and a photo test . Here is a photo of Greg, Matey and I at a Northern California Lake. The Easter wish part goes along with the next photo which is from when we forst adopted Matey about 5 years ago.

Enjoy and Happy Easter!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Berkeley High Jazz Band_Winter Friday Nights at BYC

OK – for those not local (for if you were local, we would have already pestered you enough to come to our events), Greg had the brainstorm back in Novemberish to spice up the yacht club on Friday nights. See, normally the club is dark and sad on a Friday night in the Winter when BYC races aren’t going on. There was no reason for this – we knew (or hoped) there was a large group of people in the BYC (in addition to their friends on special nights) who would love something fun to do that wouldn’t break the pocketbook. Hence the birth of the Winter Friday Nights at BYC.

The idea was music/movies/games every Friday night. Music twice a month with a featured band one week and an open mic/Jam session on another Friday.

Not to go on – but it was a huge success, at least we think so. The first Friday, we had Rube Waddell ( , the next month we had the Berkeley High Jazz Band, and the third, Culann’s Hounds ( Unfortunately for you I am in bad need of a new camera (all that cruising and crazy picture taking has taken it’s toll, our camera isn’t what it used to be[so sad] )

Here’s a video in the Berkeley High Jazz Band, sorry it’s not so great, but it gives the idea but doesn’t do them justice – we had the club rockin that night…

Berkeley High Jazz Band mvi_92622

Here is a video of Rube Waddell…

Monday, March 30, 2009


We have been a little lax in our updates since hanging up our cruising hats – well, maybe not necessarily hanging them up – just putting them away for awhile and trying on some smaller more local ones 🙂 Since we added Pura Vida to our family and saw Pacifica off to new adventures and a new owner, we’ll need to fatten up that cruising kitty for a bit larger adventure than the 11 month one.

So – we’ll be bringing postings of weekend adventures around the Bay (San Francisco) and when we’re lucky – coastal trips along the California Coast.