Friday, February 1, 2008

Pacifica and Pura Vida go on an overnight

The weekend started out with high hopes for Pura Vida's first overnight with the Davids' Family. It had finally gotten warm enough that I (Melissa) was willing to spend the night on the water without a heater. So we cast off the lines on Saturday just after Simon did on Pacifica. Earlier that day Russ and Maureen on s/v Good Grief set off for the Golden Gate to poke her nose out with plans to meet up with us at anchor for a nice dinner aboard.

Unfortunately this is one of Matey's favorite sleeping spots - right where we want to put our feet while steering...

Adjusting Halyard tension in the lightish winds

Greg enjoying the new Captain's seat that we picked up from another club member at the BYC swap meet (Brad and Dianne)

Pacifica and Pura Vida played around the Berkeley Flats toward Richmond - then back toward Angel Island in the light to fluky winds. Pacifica sailed awesomely - even a little faster than Pura Vida at some times - but as the wind picked up, Pura Vida would pull away. Waterline helps sometimes that way. We always knew she (Pura Vida) would not sail as well in light winds, but we are definitely proud of our girl.

Our little Miss Matey snoozing...

Pacifica looking GOOD!!!

Hard to pass up a Golden Gate shot...

Matey was out enjoying the sun and nice sail. Eventually we headed toward Paradise Beach with plans of anchoring early but the weather gods had other things in mind. There was a strong Northerly component to the wind which looked like it would make it a bit uncomfortable. Plan B was to head to Angel Island and anchor on the East side which looked calmer when we passed earlier.

As we headed there we noticed there were 3 other boats there --- well, we can squeeze in, chances are they aren't going to stay overnight (Greg and I can be a bit optimistic about this sort of thing). Sure enough, as we were pulling in a boat was pulling up their anchor, Greg and I put Pura Vida in about 15 feet of water to anchor as the boat next to us with about 8 St Francis Yacht Club members looked on. I was fretting but tried to remain calm as we were the entertainment of the anchorage for the moment. We were a little close, but figured they would be heading off soon (who sleeps with 8 people aboard, anyway!?!). Sure enough, they soon pulled up anchor - just as Simon was coming in to anchor Pacifica - for the first time single handed. He superbly anchored her and backed down as Good Grief came around into the anchorage. At this time the anchorage was getting a little choppy and we did have our doubts of a peaceful night. Good Grief also expressed this concern so we happily pulled up anchor to head for Clipper Cove - a virtual guarantee of a restful anchorage. Simon was a sport - pulling up his chain before he had a decent rest (we would later relieve him of the effort to anchor solo again in the same evening).

After an amazing sail to Clipper cove where Pura Vida kept up a minimum of 7.5 kts of speed (on our optimistic speedometer)- we took the big right into the cove. We favored the right side of the entrance -- then too far right as we plowed (through the mud) to the left to get some more depth. Eventually after a bit too much plowing with the depth reading 0.0 (as negative numbers are not possible) - we started to get some more water. Where in the heck is that deep spot anyway? We radioed to Simon as to what we experienced - we knew he drew the same depth as us. As we were getting ready to drop anchor we noticed he was in and Good Grief was trying their best to enter. Unfortunately through conversations a bit later we learned they drew 6.5 feet. This was a bit deeper than I was comfortable suggesting to plow through. I sure wish the tide was just 6 inches higher - after 3-5 good tries, we saw them head North - back to their slip in Richmond. We sure were bummed to miss them over the weekend and hope to reschedule - they were just too tired and cold to keep trying (it was really blowing through the gap).

Pacifica ended up rafting up next to us since it was such a calm anchorage and we knew we had really set Roccy (the Rocna Anchor) - we are learning that he is super awesome!!!!! No sense in Simon having to also launch the dinghy and row over (the plan was also to invite Good Grief to tie up to really test out Roccy). We continued to have gusts in the 15-20 kt range all through the night.

Simon popped over for an Indian dinner (my latest passion of learning how to cook) and some good conversation.

Matey and Simon bonding.

Matey was such a Gem. She LOVES Simon, and actually wiggles when she sees him. In addition - after not to much coaxing she remembered her toilet and knew "what to do" on the new boat - even though it's been since the passage (July) that she had to worry about that sort of thing.

Anyway - finally by morning the wind had died and we woke to a beautiful peaceful Clipper Cove. The greens are so amazing in this cove and I love the stillness of the early morning (not sure if I actually LOVE it or am trying to find ways to accept Matey waking me at the wee hours of the morning - around sunrise).

Morning photo in Clipper Cove.

Simon brought over yummy coffee while we made a breakfast of bacon and French toast. What a morning! Then after a dinghy launch and ride for Matey while Greg took photos of our past and future - we upped anchor and headed back to Berkeley.

Pictures of Pacific and Pura Vida:

Of course this was after forcing Roccy to leave the Bay bottom he tried to bring up with him. Greg installed a super cool salt water pump forward (near the bow) so no more cleaning the chain with a brush - we can use a little garden hose.

The wind was about the same 15 kts on the way home so we had a blustery beam reachy sail back through the break in the pier to Berkeley.

As we tied up - Simon was coming in behind us so we walked over to help him with his lines. Matey took this opportunity to jump onto Pacifica one last time!!!