Saturday, November 1, 2008

SF Bay and PuraVida greet the Maltese Falcon

Yesterday was a fun - though eventful day (well, my doggie vibes were ringing high stress...). The Maltese Falcon was coming into the bay (falcon's - those are big aren't they -- I don't know I'm kinda over my bird thing anyway). For those that aren't into sailing, she's the largest on deck sailboat - 289 feet. She has a state of the art Dyna rig which has carbon fiber masts. Mom and Dad seems to be impressed with that, you can find out more about her from her website at So we on Pura Vida invited some friends and joined a couple hundred other boats out there to escort her into the Bay. The photo above is one mom took after she passed us, be sensitive with the quality - it was a bit rolly as she was out there hanging onto the roller furling trying to snap photos for a photo merge.

Our day started early around 10:30 - we actually had to motor most of the way to Richardson Bay where we wanted to drop anchor for lunch. But we did get to roll out the jib (the main was already up so that we could at least pretend to be a sailboat) in Raccoon Straits and rode the nice breeze into Sausalito.

After a leisurely lunch, we pulled up anchor and all the yummy food went away just after 1pm, so we could get ready for her arrival at 2pm. It was really windy - but Pura Vida found her groove with a single reef and the little guy up forward (the staysail). We were happily enjoying the brisk wind.

A little outside the Gate the crew was complaining that if the Falcon was going to make it, we should be seeing her by now -- when out of the fog came her masts which together looked a lot like a bridge was pretty awesome!!!! As she got closer we tacked over so we could get closer.

Can you imagine her captain, not only was the owner aboard, but he/she had to deal with hundreds of boats sailing directly at her....I'm sure he gets paid a lot to deal with that kinda stuff. She's not the kinda boat to sneak into port.

Anyhoo- I was mostly excited about the sea lion we sailed up to - I guess he was so used to all the activity that he didn't seem to want to bother swimming away from us and just let us sail past as he swam along .... I love these swimming animals!!!

Sooner than my parents would like to admit the Falcon passed us by, this will end up being a very good thing because when were were a little outside the Gate Dad started to steer a little weird till we found out....our steering broke!!!!! Ahhh, HELLLOOO.... Glad THAT didn't happen 10 minutes ago when there were boats all around us.

Fortunately the one boat close by - we headed up to just scoot behind him. Then Mom, Dad and John when scooting around getting the emergency tiller set up. Whew - that was working, then Dad discovered the autopilot was also able to steer.

We carefully made our way with the autopilot steering back to Berkeley.

As we got into the marina Dad brought us safely into our slip with the emergency tiller -- YEAH!!!! Though, Dad has his projects laid out for him next week before our cruise to Sausalito next weekend.

So for those who don't know - it's official, my dad got his 50ton Near Shore Captain's license!!!! So now I have to bow when I pass him and greet him as Captain, Dad.... But I still try to steel his spot on the bed :-)

(This is Tom Perkins' - the owner of Matese Falcon - other boat....)

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

2008 Catch Up with Pura Vida

HHHHUUmmmmmmgh... I don't have an excuse for my typist other than it really is hard to find good help these days. I've been putting the camera in her hands, and fortunately she's taken some pictures this year... But I've been very disappointed in the "sit down computer" part of her job as fur mom to the sailor dog. This will be a quick run though of some of the adventures we've had so far this year to share some of the photos we took. As you probably know, there are many others that are without camera enjoyment - sometimes you do just have to chill....

BYC Cruise - NAPA

Peggy ready to go to Napa...

Spinny wing and wing...

Me - Queen of the world!!!!!! Not really just enjoying the warmth/ and wildlife of the trip to Napa. It was beautiful, we could hear birds chirping the whole way up the river.

Of course, it's always fun to lift the bridge.

Time for playing with Dad

Traffic passing...

Pura Vida at rest. Since her mast was pretty close to the bridge clearance, we just decided to stay on the far side of the bridge and dinghy to the club - I like the dinghy rides anyway. It was very peaceful - we were able to stay at the dock in front of someone's house. We had a great trip up - sailed the whole way, lazily gybing our way up the river....VERY NICE.

Anchors Aweigh Cruise - Richardson Bay

This was supposed to be our first Anchors Aweigh Cruise out to Drake's Bay but the weather was pretty stinky, so we decided to stay in the Gate and hang out at anchor at Richardson Bay and visit Presidio YC - a funky Navy Club that has been threatened to be closed a number of times of the past years.

Since this was a free fishing day and Liz and Kathy were joining us for the weekend (and they are big time fisherwomen) we took advantage and headed out bright and early with the other fishing boats to try our luck at halibut. Unfortunately we didn't have much luck - this is a baby bullfish that we snagged. Kathy got a halibut that threw the hook...but that's it... Ah well, next time....

Tulipe arriving at the anchorage...

Jolanda with her sister Corine (who is cruising here) dropping Lena's anchor.

The gang on Pura Vida's Bow.

the stern gang

Kathy fishing at anchor

Tulipe going out for a sail

Now this feels like cruising - hanging out at anchor with friends in their dinghy's running around visiting - that's what I miss about Mexico.

Heading over to Presidio YC in Horseshoe Cove.

At the guest dock

dock view

BYC cruiser Gang...

Upon return to the marina we were greeted with Chloe Marie on her inaugural sail....

Clipper Cove - Anchors Aweigh - Aug

This was the second Anchors Aweigh Cruise in the BYC and we headed to Clipper cove for a raft up for the afternoon...

London Calling heading over.

Pura Vida's crew....

Greg in Bill's dinghy pulling out another anchor for the raft

Here comes Chloe Marie - a 50 Ft steel ketch...

The raft - a funny sight, notice London't calling mast in the middle (the shortest) right next to ours (the tallest). We didn't plan it but it was pretty funny having a Santana 22 tied up next to us.

Tiburonica Sailing

Not really an event, we just saw our friends out sailing one day and snapped some good photos as we snuck up behind them...

Matey dreams out the Gate... (dreaming for warmer, clearer water with more fish)

John and Greg

HMB - Late Labor Day Weekend

We headed out Monday morning - Labot Day for Half Moon Bay

A ship that was leaving the same time as us.

Greeted by Sea Lions at the Buoy - Matey LOVED it!!!!!!!

Now who couldn't love that face?

China Camp - Anchors Aweigh

Pura Vida all clean and ready for fun

Sunny1 getting the boat yard scum off...

Wind tunnel - in between the two sails...

BYC boats at anchor

Volare' heading home

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Coyote Point_BYC Cruise

April's Club cruise found the fleet heading South (no not the Mexico South, but the South Bay South). We were headed to Coyote Point. We've never been there before, so thought -Cool - that would be GREAT!!!!!! Greg and I signed up.

Most of the rest of the fleet headed down on Friday where Greg and I were only able to attend a Sat/Sunday cruise. Our Saturday morning started off nice and easy to eventually turn into a little too much easy (translated into no wind).

Matey was ready as ever and put on her perky sailing face to enjoy the sunny downwind sail.

Along the way we came across this anchored ship - what a sight. You can see by the lack of whitecaps just how calm it is.

It was good sailing day though - but all days out sailing are good - well, most are, I can think of a few knarly ones that I'd trade in for a nice calm dry cube to work in....

Eventually the spinnaker came out, then unfortunately eventually the motor was turned on.

So, Coyote Point is known for Windsurfing. One of the reasons it's known for windsurfing is because it can be really really windy. This day lived up to it's reputation and about maybe a quarter of a mile outside the marina, the windstorm began. So here we are in one of my favorite positions of coming into an unknown marina in super windy conditions. Now lets add onto it shallow water.....then in the spirit of keeping it interesting, lets throw in a little bit of narrow searoom. Not the most calming for a 47 ft boat with a 6ft draft.... but we're still fairly positive as we head to the far side of the marina to see if we can find the yacht club -- now where is that place? We weren't able to get anyone on the radio so we were solo and winging it. We bailed on the first option of the far side and decided to gamble on the outside fairway. We figured worst case scenario we couldget

ourselves turned around - though it was a little freaky heading down toward an obvious dead end. After one instance of plowing mud, we were able to see other club boats ties along a bit of dock at the far side of the marina. Unfortunately there didn't seem to be room for us, but we did find a nice end tie to temporarily tie ourselves to.

Then after a couple of calls to the yacht club management, then to the slips owner, we were able to find out that we were welcome to crash there. So although we weren't with the rest of the fleet, we did have a safe place for our girl.

There were a good number of others already there - and one other to come after us.

After a little walking around - bringing Matey out to the point to pounce around. It was soon time for happy hour at the Coyote Point Yacht Club.

We enjoyed dinner at the golf club - very civilized.

Afterward Greg and I had a beautiful walk back to the marina through a wooded park. I didn't mention earlier that the marina is right next to a great park (well, great except that dogs aren't allowed), so perhaps it's a beautiful park. It made for a nice walk to the restaurant through park trails.

The next day we slept in and lounged while most of the rest of the fleet departed early to avoid tide issues. We opted to stay back (as did Done Deal) for the second tide cycle so that we could enjoy a lunch at the The Sherman an old Army Ferry that is now a restaurant. Follow the link to get a great WIKI article writted by Kevin Murray of Done Deal.

After a yummy lunch and a bottle of champange on the house, we headed back to the boats for a game or two of mexican train. It's funny Mexican Train is a well known cruiser game (perhaps because it's so easy to play while still drinking). But we didn't play it the first time till after our return from our cruise...

Later in the afternoon, the tide came up enough for us to get out of the marina (Done Deal draws 7 feet) and Done Deal and Pura Vida had a romping time sailing North in the blustery winds.