Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Ventura, CA


Ventura, CA

Well, the last couple of days have been centered around the engine. It took us 4 (FOUR) tries to get out of the marina without the engine crapping out on us. Each one of course followed by tons of work from Greg and a visit from our new best friend, Steve ( the bestest mechanic dude in Santa Barbara). But finally this morning we went out on a test motor and made it for over 30 minutes. After returning to the dock around 2pm, we felt ready to get outta Dodge even though we had already paid for the night in Santa Barbara. The decision was easier when we called Ventura Yacht Club and found out they had space for us at no charge (thanks to our reciprocal privileges through BYC).

Although we were a little disappointed that all the time needed to take care of the engine killed our opportunity to visit the Northern Channel Islands, there will be many more islands to come down the road.

The trip to Ventura was happily uneventful - about 2/3 sailing and 1/3 motoring. The club here is nice - though would be better if there was some event to make people be here (we kinda have the property to ourselves). Tomorrow the plan is to head to Kings Harbor in Redondo Beach - we hear they have races tomorrow night so we are looking forward to the club festivities.

What a foggy start to the day. Can you see where the horizon is?

Just to show you how lazy we've become. That's Greg raising the main with our lazyjacks still up.

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