Tuesday, September 5, 2006

San Simeon

The weather report was good yesterday along the coast, so we decided to make a run out to either Santa Cruz, Monterey or San Simeon depending on how the wind held up. We ended up going all the way to San Simeon because the wind held up great. We were moving along under full main at about 5-5 to 7 kts. That worked for us. we've been anxious to get past Pt Sur and further South since it feels like North of Pt Sur is our normal cruising ground.

The sail was great, a bit rolly - but we had lots of sun yesterday. Though the night was cold, we got our anchor down around 8am. After naps, walked along the beach while Matey romped. For those concerned about her, she seems to be in her groove - spending a large portion of her time out in the cockpit scanning the horizon or taking a nap. If she's not there, she's snoozing in her zen den. And yes, her digestive system seems to be adjusted also (i know you fellow doggie moms would be curious about that).

Tomorrow our plan is to head over to Hearst Castle for a tour or 2. Wish us luck on the beach landing - we did fine today, but this is the place a couple of years ago that we flipped our dinghy (though we've come to learn that's pretty common here).

I almost forgot the wildlife -- yesterday afternoon we saw a few humpback whales jumping and spouting as we sailed up to them. The were a bit shy when we got close, but it was awesome to see them frolicking as we approached. Over the evening Greg was visited by a dolphin for a short period, but on my watch- they decided it was playtime. In a 3 hour watch, I had 5 'play sessions'. But since it was so dark from cloud cover and there was very little phosphorescence, I could only see them when they were right beside me and I was looking in their direction, so wasn't as amazing as we expect they will be further down South.

We'll probably leave here on Thursday heading for Pt San Luis.


Walking to Hearst Castle.

Oh to take a dip in this pool...

Or this one.

How about having your own tap?

Here are some rarely seen Barbury Sheep (I might be off on the spelling, my access to dictionary.com doesn't work here in the anchorage)

Running across HWY 1 (don't worry, mom, there wasn't much traffic)

Beautiful moon, we didn't meet the people on this boat, but I sure wish I could give them this photo. This should be the moon we get on the Ha-Ha (John and Scott).

We made some wildlife friends, these starfish didn't want to let go of our chain (don't worry, they are safely back on the bottom of San Simeon Bay)

Matey supervising the anchor raising (or is she trying to convince Greg to put the dinghy back in the water for one more beach romp? - I'll let you decide)

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