Saturday, September 9, 2006

San Luis



Wind about 6Kts

Boat speed about 4.5Kts

The spinnaker is back up today and who ever thought I would be heading to Pt Conception with the spinnaker up hoping for more wind?

It's not that bad right now, we are moving along - but a little slowly. The forecast is for the wind to pick up, and it probably will later this afternoon. After all it's only 11am.

Yesterday we had a nice day relaxing, went out to a yummy breakfast, then took Matey to the beach to play. There was a farmers market where we picked up some fresh bread after listening a little to the band that was playing.

A little bit ago, we passed a sea lion catching a fish. Matey sprang to life (from napping on the aft cockpit) and ran to the bow to get a closer look. She seems to be adjusting so well to this. Before we raised the anchor, we told her to go to the bathroom because we didn't know for sure how rolly it would be. She immediately ran to her toilet, did her business, then came back for her chicken treat. She seems so spunky at sea - I think she just knows dolphins are around...

Lil' Bit hanging out with the working boats in Pt San Luis

What a climb!!! Luckily there was a ramp to drop Matey and I off on.

Of course there was time to play on the beach - the police even turned the other cheek to let Matey romp during no dog hours - I think it was because she's so cute!!!

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