Friday, September 8, 2006

Pt San Luis

OK, yesterday was probably a low day for me (at least I hope it was). We left San Simeon in zero wind conditions about 9am and maybe 3 miles outside of the green marker, the engine sputtered and died (you seasoned sailors know where this is going...). This happened outside of Half Moon Bay also and we just had a little electric pump installed before we left, so Greg quickly went down to bleed the engine and tighten a few fittings (assuming it was because of an air leak in our system).

The engine purred to life, all was good...for about 10 minutes...then it died again. Repeat...about 10 times. Also remember the no-wind condition. I've seen swimming pools with more ripples than the ocean had yesterday.

When the wind 'filled in' to about 2-4 kts, up went the spinnaker. Now I whine a fair about about the spinnaker (it can be scary when it's really blowing), but I can say, I was so happy to have that sail aboard.

So, we crept our way along to Pt San Luis. We finally got here around 10pm. OH, I forgot to mention about the engine, it seems we get anywhere from 10 - 25 minutes of run time before the air overtakes the system. Since Greg had tightened anything and everything possible to tighten, we figure we are now in the needing parts category. Probably either a gasket for the mechanical lift pump or new sealing washers on the secondary fuel filter. So, as we are coming into this very dark anchorage (which for some reason, the other boats don't feel it necessary to put on anchor lights), we sailed as long as we could, then turned on the engine for our timed 'sprint' to get the anchor down and set before it sputtered off.

Needless to say we made it - now our adventure today is to find an internet connection and fix the engine air leak.

And for those of you who have been tracking Hurricane John.. I know he's gone now, but his swell is due to hit our anchorage today. Not that big of a deal, just should be uncomfortable since where we are isn't protected from the direction it's coming from. With the help of a stern anchor we should be able to keep the bow pointed towards the swells.

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