Friday, September 15, 2006

Off Palos Verdes Point


off Palos Verdes Pt, heading to LA Harbor

Well we are off again from Redondo Beach (had to rush out for a second as Matey was barking at the sea lions hanging out on the buoy off that point).

Greg just turned off the engine to put up the cruising spinnaker (a great little addition to our sail arsenal since it is huge and has a sock for easy taking down, it's much appreciated in the lighter winds south of Pt Conception).

** Update, I have to tell the story here about how we entered LA Harbor. As we were approaching we put up the Cruising Spinnaker and were riding fine to the entrance where the wind started to pick up (This area is known as Hurricane Gulch and really blows in the afternoon). Of course add in a tri on our port and a ship leaving to starboard and us with a spinnaker up having to do a major head up (head sharply into the wind - not easy with a spinnaker) around the point and you have an 'interesting' situation. We didn't have to call our insurance company, but it's not something I would like to try again anytime soon.

The Black Pearl from the Pirates of the Caribbean was docked right next to our anchorage.

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