Thursday, September 14, 2006

Off the coast of Redondo Beach


About 2.5 hours out of Redondo Beach

We left Ventura about 9am this morning. The downside of today is we've been motoring most of it. But there is a good side... In fact, Matey might be so overloaded with excitement from today we worry about her having a little heart attack. First off started with a HUGE pod of dolphins swimming to us - so Greg and Matey went up to the bow (Matey now can be tethered there to keep her on the boat). I turned off the burgers and grabbed the camera. The show was rudely interrupted by our first catch - seaweed - but Matey thought that was just great, boy was she in for some good news.

A little bit later, the fishing line went off with a bonita on it... Unfortunately it was a little on the small side, but in a few minutes we had a bigger guy. Then as Greg was throwing in the line again after taking off our first catch, another took the bait. As we got this one in, another pod of dolphins stop by to play off the bow.

Matey still hasn't settled down, she's jumping around the cockpit scanning the horizon in all directions. She's having a great time, and has had the 'puppy face' on all afternoon.

Here come the dolphins.

The show was stopped because of the first catch of the trip...

Luckily the catches improved!

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