Monday, September 18, 2006

LA Harbor


LA Harbor, near San Pedro

we just got in today from a little trip out to Emerald Bay, Catalina for 2 days to visit with the folks from Corsair Yacht Club. We got to see their facilities which are amazing. Unfortunately, we missed the majority of the members, but we did get to meet another Ericson 39 owner (Bill and Bev McNally) who actually spent some time cruising in Mexico this past season. They invited us to visit with them for a more in depth report of the trip (meaning tips on favorite spots). We are going to try to meet up with them later this week.

Anyway, we sailed - or motored out on Sunday, getting there in the early afternoon. We decided to get a mooring since the anchoring pickings were so slim and extremely deep. Greg and Len (Greg's dad) were thoroughly happy with our spot because there was a topless chick sunbathing on the boat next to us. There will be no pictures of this because this is a family website :-) But Greg and Len were sad to see them drop their mooring later in the afternoon.

After a swim off the boat and some exploring on shore, we had a nice dinner, I collapsed into bed early and Len and Greg stayed up visiting.

Sunday brought a lazy morning - we left around 1ish (or thereabouts) and had some of the best sailing of the trip back to San Pedro. Happily, we rolled up the jib before entering the harbor (see above trip report) since it was blowing over 20 kts.

We set the anchor in the anchorage outside the breakwater of Cabrillo Marina. We've used up our time at the yacht club, so we have to rough it for now...

Matey better not get any ideas!!!!!

Emerald Bay - Pacifica is one of the boats on the far right

Matey has to investigate every little speck. Here she is checking out a bit of seaweed, I believe.

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