Sunday, September 3, 2006

Half Moon Bay

WOW! It really feels like we are on our way. We had a wonderful sail out of Berkeley, across the Bay and most of the way down to Half Moon Bay. It was super crowded here - and we 'ran into' 3 other Ericson boats that we've met through the years at various raft-ups. In addition, our yacht club friends were here and a couple of new HaHa boats.

Today was super social, in fact if most of our days are this social, I don't think I can handle it. It started off with a romp on the beach with Matey and Julian of s/v Molly. Then we had friends stopping by the boat most of the morning, then we went to the club raft-up to talk to Lars about his route through Mexico and get some tips from him. Then back to boat where more friends came by to look at the boat. We barely had time to get lunch in before it was time to go to the beach for club games (and of course another romp on the beach) :-)

Greg and I first played frisbee golf where you try to hit poles with a frisbee and the lower number wins. I ended up winning out of the women so we got another bottle of wine to add to our 'cellar' (the bilge) (Greg wanted me to mention here that he tied for second among the men [but that did nothing to get us another bottle of wine])

Then Greg and I entered the blind man dinghy race - Greg rowed with a bag over his head, while I directed him out to a bouy, around it, then back to the beach. Our winning time was 1:17 seconds. So we got to add another bottle and a can of Almond Roca to our stash of treats.

Bye Bye Berkeley - Thank You Jackie, Robert and Betty for coming to see us off - I had my little alligator tears welling up...

Matey-Girl heading out the Gate to take the big LEFT!!!

Here we are passing under the Gate.

And in Half Moon Bay - we certainly aren't alone.

Here's my first time dealing with the dinghy and new wheels by myself. Let's just say it wasn't a complete success. I ended up getting the wheels dug into the sand. Greg had to come out to give me another shove to get off the beach - of course Matey them jumped in for the unplanned ride.

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